Myth 1: WMD were the primary reason we went to war in Iraq

FACT:  George W. Bush mentioned WMD only as an item we could not afford for Saddam to obtain.  The illusion that the Bush Administration harped on WMD was created wholly by the press.  Did the Bush Administration talk a lot about WMD?  Yes-because it was all the press was interested in discussing.  Transcripts of press conferences show that the press didn’t give one whit about democracy or a free Iraq.  They were obsessed with WMD-and asked question after question after question focused solely on the WMD threat from Iraq.  But any time the President spoke, his message was far more concerned with freeing Iraq and establishing a country to lead the Middle East out of the culture that was breeding the radical Islamists like those who carried out 9/11.  You don’t believe me?  See George W. Bush’s speech to the American Enterprise Institute in February, 2003 (immediately following the invasion earlier that month):  It’s quite typical of the speeches he was giving at the time.  You can see that all the “moving goalposts” and other propaganda from the media (trying to cover its primary role in convincing the public that Saddam possessed WMD) are built on myths the media conjured up to try to avoid taking responsibility for its role of exaggerating the threat of WMD for the sake of readership and audience share.


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