Pat Buchanan’s new book “Churchill, Hitler and ‘The Unnecessary War’: How Britain Lost Its Empire and the West Lost the World”

I like Pat Buchanan. He’s generally been an equal opportunity critic, and I like his individualist bent in criticizing both parties regardless of their professed adherence to populism. But he should stay away from history. Based on his articles where he defends his new book, it’s a bunch of twisted, contorted crap that has no foundation in reality outside the rarified air of Buchanan’s world where Hitler was just a reasonable, moderate statesman who only wanted a port. The only assertion in his book that has a modicum of truth in the historical context is that the Treaty of Versailles provided the path for Hitler’s ascension to assume the mantle of the Third Reich (again, relying solely on the articles he’s written in defense of his book). On this one truth, Buchanan tries to construct a world out of whole cloth that never existed and attempts to create equivalency between the claims and grievances of the Nazis and Allies. Claiming that Hitler had a moral entitlement to the Sudetenland (or Danzig or any other piece of property) lends credence to any terrorist in the world with a beef over internationally recognized borders.

Read any of the definitive works on Adolph Hitler and you’ll find that his public pronouncements were calculated solely to convince the Lindbergs and Fords (and apparently Buchanans) of the world that he wanted “peace.” Just like Osama bin Laden wants “peace.” All dictators and terrorists want “peace”–as long as they can have whatever they demand. There are volumes and volumes of private letters, memoranda, and official orders that make clear Hitler’s intent, regardless of his public pronouncements, to dominate all of Europe–with or without war. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, the definitive biography Adolph Hitler, and a host of other well-documented sources make it plain that Hitler was attempting to deliberately deceive the international community in hopes of postponing war until he could sufficiently mobilize his war machine.

In that light, he had his bluff called when the Poles balked at his offer of “peace” and he was forced to start the war in ernest, and so begins the pattern seen throughout the conquest of Europe–“I wanted peace, but the Poles refused to let me annex Poland! But don’t worry–I want peace–so just let me have this little piece of land and everything can get back to normal.”

In that sense, Buchanan has become the ULTIMATE appeaser and would have made a great member of America First!

Unfortunately, those people didn’t have the benefit of real history to evaluate the situation. Buchanan does–and that makes his work even more suspect in my mind. Why would he deliberately ignore the documented evidence of Hitler’s intentions (and subsequenst actions) and instead try to base history on little more than Nazi propaganda? I would say this book will be his final undoing, at least as far as serious folks go.


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