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In sparring with liberal friends…

Posted in Defense of George W. Bush, General on July 22, 2008 by johnmwilliams

I ran across the argument that while Saddam certainly had “bad thoughts,” he had no ability to act on those bad thoughts (“bad thoughts” was the phrase used to try to downplay the threat of action, no doubt).  My argument was:

I think firing on our planes was a bit more than “bad thoughts.” I think Saddam’s attempts to circumvent and undermine the sanctions were more than bad thoughts. I think his use of poison gas and development of biological warfare agents was more than “bad thoughts.” You speak of a man that has a big mouth and no intent of ever following through–someone like Hugo Chavez. Saddam was not a rabble rowser like Hugo. He’d used chemical agents with no braggadocio or strutting. In fact, his history was repleat with “plausible deniability.” You’re trying to project traits on the man that don’t hold up historically.  And he had proven that he wanted revenge on the US no matter what the consequences.  

Saddam was a psychopath with the intent, the wealth, and the connections to make him an imminent threat overnight. Your choosing to ignore his history doesn’t change those facts.

Three days and counting for a response…


How dangerous is the sycophant press?

Posted in 2008 Election, General on July 21, 2008 by johnmwilliams

The press’ obsession with and now, outright boosterism of Obama has been troubling–until now.  Now, it’s so blatant, so unabashed, so craven, that I think it starts working against him.  The American people know a snow-job when they see it.  The MSM’s boosterism, along with Western Europe’s enthralled masses, will serve to turn most Americans off.  Here are a couple of nice pieces done by more creative sorts than I:

Because we said so, peasants...

Because we say so, peasants...


And this one I think hit the nail on the head for the “OBAMA ’08 TOUR”:

What is the “audacity of hope?”

Posted in 2008 Election, General on July 14, 2008 by johnmwilliams

Is it something to sustain us through hard times, or some grand scheme to make sure we’re never inconvenienced and all our needs are seen to by the powers in Washington?

Ralph Peters: The Dissent Deceit

We’ve all heard humorless America-haters promote themselves by announcing, As Thomas Jefferson said, “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”  

The first problem with that self-righteous bull is that Jefferson never said it. On the contrary, he warned of the dangers of political dissension carried to extremes.

The earliest traceable provenance of the slogan goes back to an obscure 1960s lefty who just made it up (long before activist-historian Howard Zinn commandeered it).


My fellow Americans, there is nothing audacious about hope. Hope is what makes people buy lottery tickets instead of paying the bills. Hope is for the old gals feeding the slots in Atlantic City. It destroys the inner-city kid who quits school because he hopes he’ll be a world-famous recording artist.  

Yes, hope can work to positive effect, sustaining us in the face of grave misfortunes. But there’s nothing audacious about it. “The audacity of hope” is blubbering gobbledy-gook.

Audacity is for innovators, risk-takers and crusaders – for those willing to stand in the fire of public opinion and tell a million people they’re wrong and here’s why. Audacity’s not for the passive mob hoping government will fix everything (while blaming government for everything).

Hope is the opposite of audacity. It’s passive, an excuse for inaction.



The Dems and their allies in the MSM have been “shaping the battlefield”…

Posted in 2008 Election, General on July 14, 2008 by johnmwilliams

Preparing us all for what they think will be the inevitable racist appeal they think Republicans will have to resort to to defeat their chosen candidate.  In response, I will offer my own prediction:  By the time the conventions roll around, Barack Obama will have seen even more erosion in his support than he has already-indeed, McCain may be leading by more than two or three points.  Then we will see an ever-increasing desperation to find some hint of racism to pin the hopes of Obama’s candidacy on-and if it can’t be found, it will be created.

Another great cartoon…

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Barry the Messiah--courtesy of Powerline

Barry the Messiah--courtesy of Powerline


Posted in 2008 Election, General on July 14, 2008 by johnmwilliams

That bastion of conservative thought (NOT!), the NEW YORKER.  Please note-for all the dire predictions, it was Hillary’s campaign that accused Obama of being a Muslim, it’s Democrats who continually raise the race issue, and it’s been the MSM that’s been working overtime to create a poisoned environment to squelch any legitimate criticism of its chosen candidate:


Think libs are disenchanted with Barry now?  Just wait...

Lots of liberals call conservatives “fascists” today…

Posted in General on July 2, 2008 by johnmwilliams

But they obviously don’t know the meaning of the word.  If they knew, they’d know that today’s fascists reside on the left–not the right.  It’s fascists who want to tell you where you can and can’t smoke.  It’s fascists who want to tell you what to eat.  It’s fascists who want to tell you what cars you can buy and what clothes you can wear.  It’s fascists who want to tell you how much money you can make and take whatever they think you don’t need.  It’s fascists who think your kids belong to the state and that your parental rights only extend to providing them food and shelter.  It’s fascists who want regulated speech on the radio and college campuses.  Mussolini, Hitler, and Lenin were all fascists (Marx wasn’t–but Lenin realized that the only way he could sell Marxism was with nationalism attached–hence, communism).  Communists tried to separate themselves from fascism because it was a competitor for the same market–not because it was distinctly different.  Then it became fashionable for communists to call anybody that didn’t tow the party line a “fascist”-kinda like American liberals do today.

For a great read on the fascism of the left, see Jonah Goldberg’s book, 


Liberal Fascism-the secret history of the American left

Liberal Fascism-The Secret History of the American Left