My contribution to the Bush Administration…

I’m sure you saw the flap over the Scott McClellan book, “What Happened,” when it was released on May 28 of this year.  Once I heard that it was a hit piece on the Administration, I decided to do some research about the people behind the book (having watched Scott as Press Secretary, I knew he couldn’t have penned a book alone).  I started investigating and sent the results to several conservative blogs, the most visible of which is “Little Green Footballs.”  Charles Johnson rushed it to his blog within minutes after I sent it to him and it found its way to several other blogs including “Stop the ACLU” and “Newsbusters” which published and/or used the research as well.  Within the week, almost every conservative talk show host, editor, and opinion broadcaster I listen to announced the links I’d found, from Peter Osnos, a well-known leftwing ideologue all the way back to George Soros:

The “vast right wing conspiracy” has some way to go to catch up to the “vast left-wing conspiracy.”

The reasons I investigated?  How would an agent that has all of five books to his credit pick up a book from the former Press Secretary for a hit piece on the most maligned President of the last four decades?  How would such a book end up under what amounts to a “boutique” publisher?  It all smelled fishy-and I found out why.  George Soros is now funding Barack Obama.  It’s scary how much power he’s amassed in the media and Washington, D.C.  If Obama’s elected, the alleged “culture of corruption” under the Republicans will look mild in comparison–assuming the truth ever makes its way to the light of day.


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