Conservatives know the bias that’s evident in the press…

Even though the MSM (mainstream media) claims otherwise.  But it’s still funny to point out the rank hypocrisy we see on a daily basis.

We all heard about the Mark Foley scandal (was it a scandal, really?  Maybe more of an “affair”–as in the Dreyfus Affair) where an old man that was anonymous to most Americans tapping his foot in a bathroom stall made headlines all over the country.

But, have you heard anything about the Chair of the Ways and Means Committee self-dealing on a mortgage in the Dominican Republic and avoiding paying taxes for almost 20 years on rental income?

Here’s a story on Charlie Rangel and his real scandal involving these charges.  I haven’t seen a single headline anywhere.  Have you?

Amazing how the press can stifle any news they consider adverse to their liberal friends in Washington.  Thank goodness for the “alternative” media.


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