What did Joe Biden mean?

I’m sure you heard Joe Biden’s cryptic message from yesterday in which he stated that there would be an international crisis “generated” to test the mettle of Obama within 6 months of the ticket taking office.

I have thought long and hard on this message to try to decypher what exactly Biden was intimating and have come to the conclusion that the only thing he could have been alluding to was an intent on the part of the Democrats to abandon Israel to its fate in the Middle East.

Think about it.  Obama is certainly no pacifist.  And even he wouldn’t have the political capital to ignore a direct attack on the United States or Her interests abroad.  And a decision to abandon Iraq after an incident, while certainly unpopular, would really not be unexpected given Obama’s announced stance on Iraq and America’s commitment there.

What about Europe?  Would a newly aggressive Russia assert its dominance over another former satellite?  Perhaps.  But would there really be a hue and cry for the US to ride to the rescue?  Not if the public’s sentiment regarding Georgia’s invasion  is any indiciation.

Which really leads us to one, inescapable conclusion.  Israel will likely face another onslaught from one or more quarters in the ME (one or more, or likely all of Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria), and we, like the good socialists dilettantes we will be by then, will sit by and wring our hands, stamp our feet, and work feverishly to pass empty UN resolutions while Israel fights for her very existence.  And yes, doing nothing will appear to be the wrong course–because it absolutely will be the wrong course.  And Obama will face incredible pressure to act from the friends of Israel.  But his calculations, especially in the rarified, pro-Palestinian air of his inner-circle, have probably led him to believe that he can make enough of a case for inaction to weather the storm and allow Israel to suffer whatever fate awaits her. 

Make no mistake–Obama and his inner circle see Israel as a losing proposition.  They, like Jimmy Carter, see the Palestinian question in terms of “apartheid.”  And they will willingly allow her to suffer humiliation or even defeat in the name of “social justice.”


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