Cogitating on humor in the US…

I’ve been I thinking about how we’ve grown apart in this country, and I believe a big part of the problem we have in the US is that we have grown in different directions regarding humor–conservatives and liberals find different things funny. For instance, I find Monty Python funny. I find Dick VanDyke funny. I find WKRP funny. I find Raymond funny.

I don’t find Jon Stewart or Bill Maher funny. Their type of humor requires someone to play the fool. They never bother to examine their own values or find the humor in their own foibles. They never joke about human weakness–only someone else’s individual failings. They’re always sitting in the “God seat” proclaiming the idiocy or stupidity of someone else and pretending to be infallable. Seems a lot of people here enjoy that kind of humor–except when it’s aimed back at them.

Most liberals I know seem to be of this ilk. They pretend it’s “sophisticated” humor. But it’s really just snide, snarky insolence that mistakes smirking for laughter.  That’s not to say I don’t smirk from time to time.  I certainly do–especially when I see that kind of humor thrown back at liberals and watch their “sophisticated” demeanor melt like snow in rain.  So yeah, I like Ann Coulter and Dennis Miller and I smirk a lot when I listen to them.  But I find their slams largely based on ideological–not personal–differences.  Not so with liberals.

I guess one could make the observation that when one has no ideological grounding outside of abortion, tax and spend economic policy, and appeasement, then it’s best to stay out of the ideology arena and try to focus on the personal arena, n’est-ce pas?


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