Help! Logic fails me…

I love logic puzzles.  In fact, when my kids have nothing else to do, I usually print them up a couple to sharpen their reasoning and logic skills.  And, while I’m no attorney, I’ve drawn lots of legal documents for myself and my companies that have passed muster with some of the best attorneys in the state.  I am also a big believer in the Great Books and the foundation of logic and reason found in the pages of the great works of Wester Civilization.  So, while I won’t hold myself out as an expert in logic, I think I have a somewhat capable grasp of the concept, at least as capable as the vast majority of laymen, I hope.  However, one recent logic puzzle I’ve run across has me stumped and I hope someone from the left can enlighten me with some erudite and lucid argument that I’ve been unable to locate to this point.

The Problem:  I keep hearing that Obama wants American jobs to stay here.  I keep hearing that Obama wants to create more jobs.  I keep hearing that Obama wants better-paying jobs.  And I keep hearing that his recipe for accomplishing these objectives is higher taxes and more regulation of American companies.

Could someone please help?!?!


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