Whew. Libs are just blinded with hatred for Bush, aren’t they? I’ve never seen such irrational hatred by Americans (at least not since the days of desegregation). I thought we’d moved past that, but I guess it’s OK if somebody disagrees with you politically.

Bush has been anything but hyperpartisan. His two biggest failures were trying to remain in the middle and win over Dems and deciding not to sink to the depths of his critics and defend himself. It made him (and the party) look weak.

History is not judged by polls and headlines. And if this latest election has taught us anything, it’s that the press has given up all pretense to being a profession anymore and has assumed the role of the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. That anyone could continue to believe the half-truths, insinuations, and outright fabrications about GWB the press has promulgated over the last 6 years after seeing their behavior in this election is beyond me. As soon as the fog of the MSM has lifted on this presidency, it will be judged as a successful presidency–certainly more substantial and historical than any since Reagan. And if liberals ever get their heads out of their hatefilled asshats and look at FACTS and not mythology ginned up by the far left and pushed by the MSM, they won’t look like such fools to their kids and grandkids when the real history emerges.

If anyone or anything has behaved dispicably over the last 7 years, it’s been the reporters/mainstream media who were supposed to be objective truth-tellers, and it’s they and their profession that will be villified by history.


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