Sorry for my absence (if anybody’s still here). Been almost too damned depressed and my head is spinning from all the liberal idiocy spewing forth from Washington these days.

Thought we’d start with some subtle, but significant changes I’ve noticed in Obama’s language. For weeks and weeks, Obama has talked about “the healthcare reform Americans want.” Yesterday in his speech in Raleigh, he said “the healthcare reform America needs.” I think we’re seeing the liberal “mission creep” some of us have been warning about in action…

Bill Mahr said the other day that Americans are “stupid.” I guess he’s decided that Obama’s an idiot, too…

Saw where the NEA got a big chunk of stimulus money ($191mm) and spent a lot of it in Pelosi’s district on what could generously be termed porn (it’s a lot more debased, though, and gives porn hustlers like Larry Flint a bad name). Somebody tell me why we’re funding this kind of tripe in the middle of what the Dems have termed a depression?

I’ve seen enough misinformation slipping by even the pundits to make me sick. Hannity allows callers to blame the last eight years on Republicans when the deficit doubled Bush’s last two years UNDER A DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS. In fact, the deficit had been trimmed to about $200 billion when the Dems took over and ballooned to over $400 billion after. Blame Bush for not vetoeing the budgets if you want, but he was a lame duck and it would have looked like little more than sour grapes if he had. In short, Obama should blame the Dem Congress for handing him the deficit he “inherited.” Not Bush.

Wish I had more time to devote to this. It’s cathartic.

Come back. I promise to try to do better.


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