Differing political vantage points

I’ve seen a lot of apologists trying to excuse the behavior of our new “Safe Schools” Czar, Kevin Jennings, for not reporting the statutory rape of a 15 year-old boy in his school twenty and some odd years ago.  I’ve seen “official accounts” are that the boy was 16 from those who are obviously trying to save face for this President and try to convince us that he’s anything but a radical leftist.  First, what “official accounts?”  There were no “official accounts” because the incident was never reported to anyone but the press by a fellow teacher.  And frankly, I wouldn’t trust the word of the press on anything this politically charged today.  My response to another poster below:
But that aside–this is typical liberal strategy–a minor technicality totally discredits any and all criticism (all reports I’ve seen are that the kid was 15 and since it was never reported to the police, I don’t know how the “official accounts” were established–probably by that official source, the Huffpo). Just like the “Swiftboating” term libs like to use to try to discredit critics–there was only one commercial the Swiftboat Vets ran that the facts were in question and it was removed the week after it first ran–the really damning criticism were Kerry’s own words in his testimony before Congress that the Swiftboat Vets aired and couldn’t be denied or challenged–yet that was apparently considered irrelevant by the left because of the allegedly errant commercial. To this day, a huge number on the left believes that Kerry’s words had nothing to do with his defeat, but that an allegedly errant commercial that ran for a week did him in. It’s pathetic, but true.

But if the subject is a conservative–well, then, even made up “lies” are fair criticism and evidence of an Administration run amok–“Sixteen words,” “Mission Accomplished,” “WMD was the only reason for invading Iraq,” “changing rationale,” etc., etc. Almost daily there was some phrase or action seized upon by the left that was twisted or contorted to fit their narrative of the eeeeeeevil Republican Administration. So much so that now, in the face of real lies and deceit, the American public has been so desensitized that doesn’t seem to matter much. When you get used to looking past the truth of words and actions to try to divine some underlying meaning (or are willing to cede the divining to the NYT, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc., etc), then true words and actions have no more weight than lies and deceit and you, or your surrogates in the MSM, can assign whatever intent/motivation/veracity paradigm makes you/them happy.

And I won’t claim immunity here as far as Obama’s concerned–I freely admit I start at a totally different place when evaluating his words/actions than a Dem would (especially one of his sycophants). But I try not to call a lie a “lie” until it has been proven so (and I’ve had no shortage of material to work with, I might add). And I would remind everyone here that I was hopeful that he’d be pragmatic enough to govern from the center, much like Clinton (and in fact, I voted for Clinton twice–and it wasn’t his governing I ended up having issues with). So my vantage point has been one of “wait and see,” thinking there was no way for one man to screw up the country in four years and that, even if he could, he’d spend the first four just laying the groundwork and then have a blowout his 2nd term when he wasn’t running for re-election. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how opportunistic (and frankly, self-destructive) those in Congress would be. I had no idea that the rank and file of Dems were just as nutty as Pelosi and Reid (I’m not sure a lot of their constituents were aware of that either–but, fortunately, they are now).


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