Is Obama an example of “entitlement rage?”

What has happened is a perfect example of an entitlement-monger that’s been sold the bill of goods that if you’re the right color, you don’t really need to know anything. He puts on his best show, as suave and cool and hip as he knows how and everybody loves him, but when it comes time to do the job, he’s totally unqualified and, with each successive failure, loses his hold on those he’d previously charmed into submission. Instead of examining his own foibles and shortcomings, he lashes out at “racism” or “special interest” or “Republicans” or a whole host of other imagined foils (corporations, banks, insurance companies, oil companies, the Supreme Court–apparently anyone but ACORN and SEIU) whose obstinate refusal to continue the charade that got him where he is are the real culprits and not his inability to perform. It then becomes “their fault” for not going along and being as charmed as they once were.

It’s an interesting situation–a Peter Pan in the White House. We can only hope his temper tantrums stay confined to the teleprompter…


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