The left just can’t stand a fair election…

You know it–the people are just too stupid to vote the “right” way. The truth came to light in the 2000 election when the Dems tried to customize a recount system that would only include Democratic strongholds and exclude any that might favor the Republicans. Since then, the stories of vote manipulation and fraud, not just domestically, but foreign as well, seem to indicate an international effort to force leftist governments onto people worldwide. Just take a look at the charges and you will see that they mirror each other with astonishing consistently.

Off the top of my head, there have been stories on American NGO’s and/or “voting monitors” trying to sway elections toward the leftist candidates in Columbia, Nicaragua, and now, Afghanistan:

Karzai stands by claims of fraud in Afghan election

And this follows the same, exact blueprint of the others. First, there are the charges of “violence threatens next elections.” This is the standard canard to create a false need for some sort of monitoring in the first place. Next, the election turns out to be much closer than anyone expected, bringing a socialist, communist, or anti-American agitpropist from the shadows into a neck and neck race. Should the leftist lose, then these organizations (NGO’s, voting monitors, and now the leftists in our own government) start bashing the winner with charges of fraud and intimidation (and, just for good measure in Karzai’s case, charges of abetting his brother’s criminal activities and mental instability). If a new election is offered to try to mitigate the charges, they boycott it, claiming that they can’t get a fair election result. These were almost exactly the same charges brought against Ayad Allawi in Iraq when he was installed as Prime Minister, with the additional, absurd fabrication that he was somehow pro-Baathists when it was Baathist agents of Saddam’s regime who were responsible for murdering his wife and leaving him for dead while he was a student living in exile in London.

On the other hand, if the leftist manages to win, as in Nicaragua (Ortega had a 20% approval rating at the time), all is considered on the up and up and NO charges of vote fraud or voter intimidation are ever made public (because after all, the people have chosen wisely). No investigations needed. No legitimate claims could possibly exist:

The biggest facilitator of this international fraud is an NGO called “Global Exchange”:

Global Exchange is an international human rights organization that supports democratic participation as a prerequisite of social, economic and environmental justice. For more than a decade Global Exchange has actively supported international democracy in the world through electoral observation.

We have lead or participated in election observation in more than a dozen countries, many of which have been in transition from dictatorship to democracy. In cooperation with local civil society organizations, we have observed or monitored elections in Mexico, South Africa, Haiti, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Indonesia and United Stated[s]. To this end, Global Exchange has established itself as a credible defender and supporter of democracy.

To carry out pre-electoral observation in Colombia, Global Exchange brought together a team of investigators, professionals, citizens and democracy advocates for Colombia from the following organizations:
* CUPE — SCFP Canadian Union of Public Employees.
* Washington Office on Latin America.
* Fellowship of Reconciliation.
* Co-Development Canada.
* The Council of Canadians.
* Afrodes USA.
* CIP Americas Program.
* The Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History at the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
* Network for Advocacy and Support of Grassroots Afro – Colombian

Note how their main mission isn’t “Fair and credible elections” but “democratic participation as a prerequisite of social, economic and environmental justice.” And note its “clients”–where it goes, the same blueprint can be counted on and chaotic elections inevitably follow with charges against right-wing or conservative parties (if they’re fortunate enough to win). Then note their “coalition” for monitoring elections. It’s a who’s who of international leftist front organizations. I will be unmasking these organizations over the next few days.

And look at our own Administration. Don’t fail to remember the Honduran debacle this administration created–trying to overturn a country’s constitution and legal process to reinstall a leftist nutjob last year after he had been legally removed by both the Congress and Supreme Court of Honduras. They finally had to relent because of the Obama Administration’s strong-arm tactics that, in effect, embargoed Honduras until it did what the Administration wanted. The people of Honduras ratified the decisions of the Congress and Supreme Court a month later, but in reality, the thought that a leftist could possibly be removed for BREAKING THE LAW didn’t set well with the current Administration.

And then there’s our own ACORN (and what I’m sure is its successor operating in the shadows for fear of exposure) and the Dem’s own admitted SOS Program of installing far left Secretaries of State for the express purpose of trying to sway close elections. Not to mention, again, the boxes upon boxes of “found” ballots that keep popping up in close elections that somehow always seem to favor the Democrat.

Just keep these facts in mind when you see the left make charges of fraud and conspiracy in both domestic and foreign elections. There may have been–but it’s far more likely it was for the benefit of the leftist or Democratic candidate. Like most of their fantasies, they use these fabricated charges that, incredibly, seem to mirror their behavior, to rationalize and justify their own crimes.

Now, from you “both sides are just as bad” types who can’t bring yourselves to admit that this canard has become a bad joke, please regale us with your stories (fact-based, please–I’m sure there are tens of thousands of unfounded charges because, after all, that’s what leftists do) of conservatives or Republicans engaging in this sort of conduct, foreign or domestic.


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