Bush lied about evidence of WMD…

This canard keeps popping up from the left (and Paulians, who jumped on the bandwagon to motivate their base), so let’s get this straight–the assertion that “the evidence” pointed away from Iraq having WMD is a lie that was generated by the pathological hatred for Bush generated by the left and the press. The Paulians picked up on it because they happen to be right about the overreach of government–but they were dead wrong on Iraq. The Bush Administration took a boatload of evidence against Iraq and dismissed a thimble-full. And yes, if you’re mining NPR, the WAPO, and Foreign Affairs for your info, then you’re buying the far left’s propaganda. They cited such bastions of objectivity as Hans Blix??? Please. David Kay??? The WAPO used the left’s tried and true technique of redefining terms-WMD-to mean what they want it to mean at the time-conflating the evidence for nuclear weapons with ALL WMD.

This is not hard to see if you were able to remove yourself from the overheated hyperbole dripping with hatred, deliberate mischaracterization, and lies, in order to try to eviscerate a political foe the far left hated for his domestic policy. I’ve often written about my puzzlement over the left’s pathological hatred for Bush and their jumping at any opportunity (which was anytime he spoke) to put words in his mouth to conjure “lies” or “misleading information” from words that had to be tortured far worse than any water-boarded terrorist to bring to bear what they wanted him to have said. I think I figured it out with the “stimulus” package–Bush (and the Republicans) had apparently cut off the billions of dollars of annual, discretionary funding for far left pet projects where millions of them depended on the largess of the government (read-“taxpayer”) to provide their living. Not entitlement programs, but grants and guaranteed loans that all those 501(c)(3) corporations I’ve been complaining about that use taxpayer money to pursue their nutty, far-left agendas. Having to really work for a living sucks when you used to be able to submit a grant proposal for promoting “social justice” or “economic justice” or “environmental justice” and only have to put together a couple of perfunctory workshops to justify a good living. And they couldn’t complain about the discretionary funding without drawing attention to themselves and possibly having to justify their funding to a less receptive audience than a Democratic administration. So they had to find something–anything–that they could try to destroy his presidency over to ensure the funding would be restored at the earliest. I think that’s why most of the stimulus package ended up in either other government entities or leftist special interests like ACORN.

The effort to undermine the Bush presidency was perhaps not “coordinated,” but it definitely emerged from the far left echo chamber. The press, the far left (and yes, the government is full of them) worked overtime to bring down a President they saw as an enemy to their way of life, not because he took us to war. These people hated GWB because he didn’t see the “value” of what they do, so they labeled him a country bumpkin-a buffoon-and ridiculed him on every level imaginable.

The Paulians chose to ride the coattails of the hatred and vitriol ginned up by the left and the press to try to motivate their own followers. Trying to differentiate his candidacy from the establishment’s on the basis of domestic policy wasn’t creating a lot of excitement, nor was objecting to the war on Constitutional grounds. Not because the Paulians don’t believe it, but it’s just not “sexy” enough to get up from the computer to get out and rally and recruit. But jump on the “We were lied into an illegitimate war”–that’s the stuff that will get the blood boiling and get ’em riled up. It was a crass, cynical ploy that was 100% politically motivated. And the reams of propaganda provided by the far left made it easy.


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