The Press goes all in…and loses

Despite weeks of relentless, negative coverage of the AZ immigration law. As Fox News reports, even 43% of Democrats agree with AZ’s law while 41% disagree. 77% of Republicans agree, along with 68% of Independents.

Can you say FAIL?

FOX News Poll

The reputation of the MSM is in tatters, yet they continue to act in ways that assure their own destruction. Few people take the press at its word anymore. While newspaper types say that the readership has just moved away from print to the internet, it’s true–and the reason is convenience. But not because it’s easier to read articles online–no one believes that–but because a news story can be fact-checked by the reader within minutes. The MSM is basically a topic generating outlet that points people in a certain direction (see That’s why paid internet subscription are doing no better than their paid print editions.


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