Touchscreen voting…guess who’s for it?

I’m sure you remember the hue and cry from the left over “unsecure” voting machines.  Well, it seems that was a bit of slight of hand to distract you from the fact that they’re the ones jiggering the machines.  I just ran across an article that showed who is in favor of touchscreen voting, and you’ll be surprised–but first, let’s look at the Dems’ record of voter fraud (a real record, instead of the phony one they try to tar Republicans with).

While libs like to start at Franken, do you happen to remember the Washington State governor’s race where the Dem lost the count, the recount, and then finally won when box after box of uncounted votes were “found” and led to the her election? And then Dean Logan, the King County Election Official (a Dem) delayed and obfuscated and refused to turn over records to the plaintiffs until he was found in contempt of court and the county was hit with over $225,000 in fines. Unfortunately, by the time the court took action the election had been over for almost 3 years:

King County fined $225,000 in voter fraud case

And unlike the 2000 election where libs still imagine a Gore victory, this was found to have actually been stolen:

In Washington’s 2004 gubernatorial election, at least 1,392 felons illegally voted, 252 provisional ballots were wrongly counted, and 19 votes were cast from beyond the grave, according to Chelan County Superior Court Judge John Bridges’s opinion in a case brought by Dino Rossi, Ms. Gregoire’s Republican opponent.

Election workers in King County (where Seattle is located) “enhanced” 55,177 ballots to make it easier for tabulating machines to read them — even though the county had failed to establish written procedures as required by state law. In some cases, individual election workers modified voted ballots using black felt markers and white-out tape while observers were kept at a distance that prevented meaningful observation. Nine separate times, King County “discovered” and counted unsecured ballots.

During the recount process, five counties found new, uncounted, unsecured ballots and added them into their totals. King County officials admitted publicly that ballot reconciliation reports were falsified in an attempt to conceal variations between the number of votes counted and the number of voters who voted (two elections workers were disciplined as a result).

By the end, 3,539 votes more than the number of voters who voted were tabulated. Four other swing counties provided an additional 4,880 mystery ballots. Ms. Gregoire was the victor by a margin of 133 votes.

Wall Street Journal

And the kingpin of King County politics is now running HUD and the “election official” who oversaw this travesty, Logan, has moved on to more fertile mail-in fraud grounds in LA.

OK–now, guess who favors touchscreen voting?  It isn’t any conservative or Republican-leaning group.  It’s–are you ready for this–the NAACP, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Brennan Center, and The Lawyer’s Committee, a part of the National Campaign for Fair Elections (read “rigged for our side”). In fact, there’s not a single conservative/Republican-based group that supports “paperless” balloting. Wonder why?


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