I’ve been saying that this President doesn’t fear elections…

And that’s for a reason–he knows he’s going to win in 2012 whether he wins the election or not.  There is no other rationale for his radical transformation of the government–if he knew he were going to be held accountable, he’d never have moved so far so quickly.  Here’s an excellent opinion piece laying out the framework for his “takeover” of the government in 2012 from Investor’s Business Daily:

Investor’s Business Daily

Of course, this is pure conjecture and speculation.  But I have seen absolutely NOTHING from this Administration to indicate that it sees the law as anything but words on a page with no force or consequence for those inside government.  Obama is a true imperialist with a radical ideology.  To him, elections are nothing more than a dance to make the people feel they are in control.  He thinks it’s the process that’s important–the outcomes are meaningless.  And he sees the law as a tool used to maintain power–to force the people to do what they are told–not to protect them from government abuse.  Everything I’ve seen from this Administration reinforces my opinion that this is his worldview.  And, frankly–it scares the hell out of me.


2 Responses to “I’ve been saying that this President doesn’t fear elections…”

  1. I sort of agree, but I sort of disagree. I think he believes elections are more of a way of talking normal people around to following his Grand Vision. But I also think that he believes that his idea for a transformed America will actually be a better society, and that the stupid electorate can’t see the bigger picture. It is why, I think, he is so willing to lie about the economy, about what is actually in Congress’s bills, about the implications of actions, about campaign promises…etc. In Obamaland, the ends always justify the means, and he is rock solid in his belief of what the ends look like.

    • johnmwilliams Says:

      Thanks for your comment and welcome! Your points are well taken–however, I wish I believed that he believed he could just charm the votes to win. But I don’t see him working on shaping the debate as someone who’s on a charm offensive would try to do. He refuses to talk to the press, makes snide comments that only endear him to the sycophants, and continues on his reckless course regardless of what the polls, or even Congress, for that matter, say. I guess the proof will be in the November election. But I doubt he’ll acquiesce to Republican wishes. He’ll work overtime to find ways to circumvent the Congress (and the Constitution). If he doesn’t and accepts the fact that he has to work with Republicans, my fears will disappear and I’ll feel much better. But my bet is he doesn’t. He’s already laying the groundwork to grant amnesty to 24 million illegal immigrants by Executive Order because he can’t get Congress to do it. And I’m afraid that, as this article points out, there are many other agenda items where he’s going to use leftists in the bureaucracy to do the bidding he can’t convince Congress to do. We’ll see. I hope you’ll look around the blog–I’ve been pretty accurate predicting the way this Presidency would shake out.

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