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Get ready for Black Panthers Redux…

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The Administration has asked the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to keep all the proceedings regarding the Muslim organizations cited as un-indicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation’s funneling of hundreds of millions of dollars to Hamas:

Politico-Secret Showdown Set for Islamic Charity

This has to be read as an attempt by the Administration to, again, try to overturn the prerogatives of prosecutors in a case because the subject is of one of the Administration’s favored classes and because the Administration doesn’t want another debacle like their dropping of the Black Panther voting rights case.  If you want to make damn sure Muslims become the objects of ridicule, scorn, and disgust, keep treating them differently than any other American would be.  You’ll soon manufacture the disdain you claim you want to avoid.


James Taranto addresses Oikophobes….

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I’ve always enjoyed Taranto’s writing.  Today at the WSJ, he addressed what British philosopher Roger Scruton’s use of a term to describe the attitude of the left that encompasses, generally, its fear and loathing of what most would consider traditional American values: oikophobia, though Scruton was addressing it the context of Europe and especially Great Britain.   I’ve paraphrased his article, but you can read the whole thing here:

James Taranto–Oikophobia

Scruton’s warning about the danger of oikophobes–whom he amusingly dubs “oiks”–is very pertinent on this side of the Atlantic today, and it illuminates how what are sometimes dismissed as mere matters of “culture” tie in with economic and social policy:

The oik repudiates national loyalties and defines his goals and ideals against the nation, promoting transnational institutions over national governments, accepting and endorsing laws that are imposed on us from on high by the EU or the UN, though without troubling to consider Terence’s question, and defining his political vision in terms of universal values that have been purified of all reference to the particular attachments of a real historical community.

The oik is, in his own eyes, a defender of enlightened universalism against local chauvinism. And it is the rise of the oik that has led to the growing crisis of legitimacy in the nation states of Europe. For we are seeing a massive expansion of the legislative burden on the people of Europe, and a relentless assault on the only loyalties that would enable them voluntarily to bear it. The explosive effect of this has already been felt in Holland and France. It will be felt soon everywhere, and the result may not be what the oiks expect.

I can assure the left–they will get far more than they bargained for in November.

Bob Herbert of the New York Times

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You know, I’m not a big Glenn Beck fan.  But I am generally supportive of people expressing genuine concern about the country and the direction she’s headed (as opposed to to the true Astroturf campaigns where union workers and welfare recipients are bused in to put on a show).  And in that vein, I was happy to see 300k Americans expressing their right to dissent (formerly known as “the highest form of patriotism” until Obama took office).  I’ve had some fun with Mr. Herbert’s introduction to his screed about Beck, Palin, and the 300k gathered at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday:

America is better than Bob Herbert. For all of his celebrity, Mr. Herbert is an ignorant, divisive, pathetic figure.

And what did Mr. Herbert hear at the rally?  Did he go?  Was he there?  Did he have a transcript?  Or did he just assume that because it was Glenn Beck, it must have been a gathering of Neanderthals?  Bigoted much, Bob?

Why is it that liberals go into convulsions every time a conservative or right of center group gets together in any numbers over 30 or 40?  Because they know they’ve lost control of the story.  The narrative, as Rush calls it.  The mythology that they try to weave between their politicians, their friends in press (like Mr. Herbert), and the elites that the millions of minions in the Liberopolitan megaplexes turn to for acceptance and inclusion.  The problem for them is that conservatism can exist on its own, outside their giant echo-chambers where a limited number of media outlets dutifully report what they’re told and the information is replayed and repeated time and time again until the story, true or not, becomes “fact.”

But Herbert thinks that “America is better than this.”  Better than what, Bob?  Better than 300,000 conservatives and right of center people rallying to tell DC that they’re mad as Hell and not going to take anymore?  Better than realizing that God needs to be rediscovered in this country in order for it to become great again?  Or better than expressing dissatisfaction with your gigantic failure of a president and, more importantly, his ideology?  These liberals have no idea what conservatives feel or think.  They have no capacity for seeing anything in the opposition but pure evil.  Yes, they ARE un-American.  They accuse the majority of Americans–many of whom voted for this president–of bigotry?  They are despicable, pathetic human beings who hate America and show it with every unfounded accusation they make to try to discredit 70-80% of their fellow Americans.

They are full-blown narcissists with no concept of honorable, honest debate.  Everything is for the political “win”–facts and truth be damned.  And that’s why these kinds of rallies chafe them to the core.  Because the fact that so many Americans don’t buy their prepackaged, preformulated propaganda means that they really have no control after deluding themselves into thinking they controlled it all.

Here is a nice piece by Charles Krauthammer who slices and dices their one-trick-pony, “bigotry”:

Charles Krauthammer–The Last Refuge of a Liberal

As usual, Krauthammer is spot on with his analysis.  Fortunately, for the American people, they’re starting to wake up to the word games and thinly veiled hatred of the left.  The more they think for themselves, the more the left reviles them, and the more the left reviles them, the more the left loses its grip on the message.  It’s starting to spin out of control and it couldn’t have come too soon.

I think this will work out well for conservatives and the right.  I just hope it’s not too late to take back, and save, our country.

More definitions for your dictionary…

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Liberal–a person who believes that honor, loyalty, duty, courage, integrity, courtesy, hard work, patriotism, fidelity,  religion, and the American Dream are abstract concepts for chumps who are ignorant and intolerant bigots.


Entitlement rage–(1)  The sometimes uncontrollable rage experienced by liberals when their credentials, superior intellect, or reputed charm and persuasion are rejected by ordinary Americans or others they consider inferior. (2) The rage some in the minority community express when told that they should take responsibility for their personal and community’s success.


Tax Cut Conundrum–the assertion that tax cuts reduce revenues to the Treasury with nearly universal historical evidence proving that tax cuts have always increased revenues to the Treasury.  Usually used by liberals to try to justify raising taxes.


Economyth (also known as Obamanomics)–the economic theory that generally states that increased taxes and regulation stimulate businesses to expand, that government spending stimulates private investment, and that government bureaucrats produce products and services that add value to the economy.


Religioscopy–the targeted use of religion solely to further a political goal.  Frequently used by liberals to manipulate blacks, Muslims, and other religious minorities when trying to create social upheaval and resentment.  Also often used to try to convince others that paying more taxes to the government under threat of fines/imprisonment is equivalent to Christian charity.  A typically leftist technique that can never be employed to further the rights of Christians or Jews in general.  “Democrats delivering their message in black churches is typical religioscopy.”


Ethical relatavism–the strategy of exaggerating the ethical lapses of one party while minimizing the ethical lapses of one’s own.  This allows liberals to claim “Bush lied” and point to a banner on a ship and 16 words that were entirely truthful while completely ignoring the explicit lies of President Obama regarding lobbying, transparency, and a host of other issues.


Obamaduck–the strategy of a politician refusing to take any open questions from the press or anyone else.  Usually employed after one has been caught in multiple lies and contradictions and decides to withdraw rather than risk uttering more.


Obamaplant–a person or people “planted” in an audience to ask prearranged questions that are designed to make the politician answering appear erudite and cerebral.


Libbechamber–the collection of massive, urban enclaves of liberals where knowledge of conservatives is drawn from movies and television shows and where word of mouth, from the “right people,” is considered fact.  “In the libbechamber, they believe that government is the source of our wealth and success.”


Mushhead–a liberal not of the political or elite class.  Usually lives in the libbechamber and believes that because he/she’s been a victim of liberal policies, that the rest of America owes him/her compensation.  Also, is so confused about political issues that they rely on the advice of friends and family when voting (who rely on their friends and family, who rely on their friends and family, etc., etc).  Great numbers can be controlled by a few well-placed politicians and/or elites.


Bureaucide–the act of placing one’s health care decisions in the hands of a bureaucrat


Bureaucrap–the products produced by industry in response to overregulation and dictates of government.


©John Mark Williams, 2010

It has to be asked–

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Has NYC Mayor Bloomberg lost his mind?  What about the mosque at Ground 0 has driven him, and the left, temporarily insane?

Nobody wants to keep Muslims from peacefully practicing their faith.  Admittedly, I don’t live in NYC and don’t have the scoop on each and every protest, but nobody I’ve heard hates Muslims or is an “Islamaphobe.”  But people do have feelings–and the feelings of the family members of the victims of 9/11 have been pushed to the side in this debate like so much garbage by the likes of Bloomberg.  He’s an absolute disgrace to New York and America.  That he can’t defend the rights of those who suffered the most because he’s too gutless to abandon his pathological political correctness shows just how cowardly he and his cohorts are.

Nobody I know of has asked Bloomberg or the city to shut down the initiative.  All of the protests I’ve seen have expressed outrage over the insensitivity of the imam, Rauf, and his dubious motivation for placing the mosque at that particular spot, and have asked that Rauf–nobody else–move the mosque, IF his intentions are truly honorable.  Nobody’s tried to take away anybody’s right to practice Islam.  But you know what?  Bloomberg and the left’s constant haranguing of those who oppose it for those reasons are turning that reasoned opposition into a hard line, absolutest mindset by their tone-deafness and ignoring of anyone who dares question the wisdom of the mosque so close to a site where 3000 Americans died.

Bloomberg and the chattering class are foolish clowns, posturing and primping for the camera and publicly lobbying for their invitation to the next lefty confab in NYC.  They should be ashamed of themselves.  But we all know they really have no shame.

Want to really hack off a leftist radical?

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Ask him about what he’s said in the past.  This is your “Counter-terrorism Czar” John Brennan.  He has stated that a 20% recidivism rate for Guantanamo isn’t really too bad and called Jerusalem “al-Quds”–its Arabic name.  He also says that “jihad” is a legitimate tenet of Islam.  Here he’s confronted with a question that he cannot answer after presenting himself out as an expert on Islam:

How hard a question is this?  The left accuses the right of bigotry because they bring up concerns about Islam, but the left proves daily it doesn’t have a clue about it either–just general concepts that comport to their constructed reality and cast Muslims beliefs and attitudes in the left’s preconceived notions based on little more than what they wish were true.

Can we cram any more incompetents into one administration?

A Town Hall Meeting discussion…

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Looks like Clint Howard may be of a different political stripe than his brother Ron: