A second emancipation…

If you’ll note my take on race relations, you’ll see that I’ve held the left in contempt for the bill of goods they’ve sold African Americans for the last 50 years.  It’s a message of hopelessness, hatred, bitterness, and resentment, and every four years, they sprinkle in a healthy dose of scare tactics complete with cotton field imagery.  They’ve abused the trust the black community has put in them and every time they’ve convinced the black community to trust them, the black community has lost another cornerstone, becoming ever more dependent on government and the left.  I’ve long predicted that when the black community woke up to the sham that had been perpetrated on them, the left would see a backlash unlike anything they’ve experienced since the Carter Administration.  Well, some blacks are waking up.  And it is a new Great Awakening–a second emancipation–that will see blacks freed from the liberal plantation and finally start charting their own course, designing their own successes, and experiencing true freedom instead of relying on snake-oil salesmen from the left to dictate their future.  It will be a beautiful rebirth indeed:


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