A Story the MSM is trying to bury like the New Orleans assault…

Apparently, there was a story about three weeks ago that a drug cartel, the Zetas, had taken over a ranch outside Laredo, TX.  Of course, the amnesty wing of the far left went berserk with denials, recriminations, and shouts of “HOAX!” “FRAUD!” because the report could not be independently confirmed immediately and those involved refused to confirm or deny the story.

So the reporter started looking deeper to see if she could find proof of the incident.  Today, she found a police blotter from the Webb County Sheriff’s Dept. and posted it (a transcript follows for your convenience):

Transcript.  Parenthetical references added for clarity:

On Friday 7-23-10 Laredo Webb informed that their county SWAT Team is conducting an operation in the Mines Rd. area. According to LT. Garcia with LSO (Laredo Sheriff Office) received a call from a ranch owner stating that the Zetas had taken over his ranch. As per the 17 (reporting person) he informed them that they stated La Compania (area name for Zetas) was taking the ranch and no one was permitted on the ranch without permission. SO (Sheriff Office) will have an unmarked green Ford Taurus with two officers stationed at Los Compadres and a white Chevy Tahoe with two officers stationed at Mineral Rd. The LSO (Laredo Sheriff Office) will maintain surveillance in the area and advise if action is taken. Susp (suspect) Veh (vehicle) are described as a gray or silver Audi, a BLK (black) Escalade or Navigator and a van truck with a logo of a car wash spot free on the side. Border Patrol also has their response team on scene. Also known info of BMW’s and Corvettes entering and leaving the area. Auth LT Lichtenberger if assistance is requested LPD (Laredo Police Department) will secure the outer perimeter. (07/24/10 07:42:10 NR1873)

Don’t expect anyone in the MSM to pick the story up–as a hoax, it would draw massive attention and be trumpeted from every rooftop as proof of the evil forces at work that actually want to enforce our current laws–as the truth, it will get none.  Such is the state of “journalism” in the United States today.  This poor girl will probably be relegated to the daily and weekly tabloids because she’s not willing to play the game (she currently works for the San Deigo County Examiner).  Here’s her complete story:

Plano Examiner

And keep in mind–law enforcement would not confirm or deny the incident for over two weeks (just like the New Orleans PD in the leftist assault on the young Republicans).  What coercion are these police forces facing and from who?  Yet people who are suspected of being from the “right” who are accused of crimes have their television habits and book lists released by the authorities within hours (especially if that evil Glenn Beck’s name is anywhere to be found).  This reticence of law enforcement to release details of left-on-right violence or violence that might interfere with the left’s agenda is just as disturbing as the gross negligence of the MSM.

In a related story, here’s the story of an ABC News reporter who was suspended for daring to point out Obama’s contributions from BP and asking protesters if they thought it would be a problem:

Big Journalism


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