The New Orleans Assault on Republicans

I referenced this story below, and then realized I’d neglected to blog about it at the time.  I apologize.  It is a story of unmitigated bias and craven partisanship in the mainstream media that should have been trumpeted everywhere (though I think Fox did about two days of coverage immediately after the assault).

It was an assault carried out on two young Republicans attending a Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Allee Bautsch and Joe Brown, in April of this year.  The group that led the “anarchists” in attendance proves what I’ve long suspected–that “anarchists” are nothing but radical Democrats trying to provide some “plausible deniability” to the party for their violent crimes.  They are foot soldiers for the left, nothing less.  Here is the website for the group that organized the protests earlier in the evening and on whose website the perpetrators bragged about what they’d done before having it scrubbed when discovered by the New Orleans blog, the Hayride:

The Iron Rail, New Orleans

I apologize for overlooking this story at the time.  Their main page previously extolled the virtues of gun control, national health care, abortion on demand, education spending and the whole list of Democratic litmus test issues.  A curious list of causes for “anarchists,” n’est-ce pas?

Ms. Bautsch received a fractured leg.  Her companion, Joe Brown, received a broken jaw, broken nose and a concussion.  Yet did you hear any report of it where you live?  Can you imagine that if a Democrat had been essentially mugged by a group of anti-Democratic protesters that there wouldn’t have been endless speculation on the front page of every major newspaper and at the top of every newscast for weeks speculating on whether it was Tea Partiers or or the Republican Party who’d done the deed?  Yet, as always, the press demands perfect evidence from the right while publishing rumors and innuendo from the left.  I won’t go into details here, but here’s the minute-by-minute details provided by the blog Hayride:

The French Quarter Fracas D-Bloc

The Hayride posts the follow-ups  to the story and comments on the reluctance of everyone–including the right blogosphere–to speak the truth.  They’ve done the legwork and determined what really happened.  However, even he misses the connection between the agenda of Iron Rail and the Democratic Party:

The French Quarter Attack WAS Political

A Rant on Media, Evidence, and Cowardice

This story should have been investigated deeply–and would have if the press were not partisan.  But, as I said in the post below, the words and actions of the New Orleans Police Department are just as troubling.


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