I see where Dems are trying to scare seniors again…

I guess their hypocrisy knows no bounds.  While they talk of Republicans trying to take away their Medicare, seniors would do well to remember who just wiped out $500 million of Medicare (and inevitably more as this boondoggle grows).  Who is talking of pain pills and end-of-life counseling instead of lifesaving medicine?  Who has decided that boards of physicians can fashion “one-size-fits-all” medicine?

And the Dems’ claims they can make up the $500 million in overspending, fraud, and waste?  So they are implying that the government knows where these savings are but just hasn’t bothered to track them down?

Seniors have far more experience–and wisdom–than the typical liberal.  Scare tactics may work on the poor, uneducated, and government-dependent; but they will fall on deaf ears in the face of the overwhelming evidence that Dems consider seniors past their prime and of little future use, constituting nothing more than “excess baggage” in their entitlement state.


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