It has to be asked–

Has NYC Mayor Bloomberg lost his mind?  What about the mosque at Ground 0 has driven him, and the left, temporarily insane?

Nobody wants to keep Muslims from peacefully practicing their faith.  Admittedly, I don’t live in NYC and don’t have the scoop on each and every protest, but nobody I’ve heard hates Muslims or is an “Islamaphobe.”  But people do have feelings–and the feelings of the family members of the victims of 9/11 have been pushed to the side in this debate like so much garbage by the likes of Bloomberg.  He’s an absolute disgrace to New York and America.  That he can’t defend the rights of those who suffered the most because he’s too gutless to abandon his pathological political correctness shows just how cowardly he and his cohorts are.

Nobody I know of has asked Bloomberg or the city to shut down the initiative.  All of the protests I’ve seen have expressed outrage over the insensitivity of the imam, Rauf, and his dubious motivation for placing the mosque at that particular spot, and have asked that Rauf–nobody else–move the mosque, IF his intentions are truly honorable.  Nobody’s tried to take away anybody’s right to practice Islam.  But you know what?  Bloomberg and the left’s constant haranguing of those who oppose it for those reasons are turning that reasoned opposition into a hard line, absolutest mindset by their tone-deafness and ignoring of anyone who dares question the wisdom of the mosque so close to a site where 3000 Americans died.

Bloomberg and the chattering class are foolish clowns, posturing and primping for the camera and publicly lobbying for their invitation to the next lefty confab in NYC.  They should be ashamed of themselves.  But we all know they really have no shame.


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