Bob Herbert of the New York Times

You know, I’m not a big Glenn Beck fan.  But I am generally supportive of people expressing genuine concern about the country and the direction she’s headed (as opposed to to the true Astroturf campaigns where union workers and welfare recipients are bused in to put on a show).  And in that vein, I was happy to see 300k Americans expressing their right to dissent (formerly known as “the highest form of patriotism” until Obama took office).  I’ve had some fun with Mr. Herbert’s introduction to his screed about Beck, Palin, and the 300k gathered at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday:

America is better than Bob Herbert. For all of his celebrity, Mr. Herbert is an ignorant, divisive, pathetic figure.

And what did Mr. Herbert hear at the rally?  Did he go?  Was he there?  Did he have a transcript?  Or did he just assume that because it was Glenn Beck, it must have been a gathering of Neanderthals?  Bigoted much, Bob?

Why is it that liberals go into convulsions every time a conservative or right of center group gets together in any numbers over 30 or 40?  Because they know they’ve lost control of the story.  The narrative, as Rush calls it.  The mythology that they try to weave between their politicians, their friends in press (like Mr. Herbert), and the elites that the millions of minions in the Liberopolitan megaplexes turn to for acceptance and inclusion.  The problem for them is that conservatism can exist on its own, outside their giant echo-chambers where a limited number of media outlets dutifully report what they’re told and the information is replayed and repeated time and time again until the story, true or not, becomes “fact.”

But Herbert thinks that “America is better than this.”  Better than what, Bob?  Better than 300,000 conservatives and right of center people rallying to tell DC that they’re mad as Hell and not going to take anymore?  Better than realizing that God needs to be rediscovered in this country in order for it to become great again?  Or better than expressing dissatisfaction with your gigantic failure of a president and, more importantly, his ideology?  These liberals have no idea what conservatives feel or think.  They have no capacity for seeing anything in the opposition but pure evil.  Yes, they ARE un-American.  They accuse the majority of Americans–many of whom voted for this president–of bigotry?  They are despicable, pathetic human beings who hate America and show it with every unfounded accusation they make to try to discredit 70-80% of their fellow Americans.

They are full-blown narcissists with no concept of honorable, honest debate.  Everything is for the political “win”–facts and truth be damned.  And that’s why these kinds of rallies chafe them to the core.  Because the fact that so many Americans don’t buy their prepackaged, preformulated propaganda means that they really have no control after deluding themselves into thinking they controlled it all.

Here is a nice piece by Charles Krauthammer who slices and dices their one-trick-pony, “bigotry”:

Charles Krauthammer–The Last Refuge of a Liberal

As usual, Krauthammer is spot on with his analysis.  Fortunately, for the American people, they’re starting to wake up to the word games and thinly veiled hatred of the left.  The more they think for themselves, the more the left reviles them, and the more the left reviles them, the more the left loses its grip on the message.  It’s starting to spin out of control and it couldn’t have come too soon.

I think this will work out well for conservatives and the right.  I just hope it’s not too late to take back, and save, our country.


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