About poll watching

I thought I’d do another post to answer the questions that have been coming in.  There are two kinds of poll watchers–those who sit inside and monitor the actual voting and those who stand outside the no-campaign zone to answer questions for voters.  Keep in mind that I’m in Texas, and I haven’t researched any other state laws.  But here, those who sit in the polling place and monitor the vote must be a resident of the county they’re monitoring.  You must apply to the county to be approved and then be ready to stay all day the day of voting.  It’s when the polls close that things are most vulnerable to cheating.  So be sure to be in and around the counting room.  Eyes and ears are key.  As you see in the video, the cheaters have apparently become so comfortable and brazen that they don’t worry about observers watching them vote for others.  Check with your County Clerk to see how to apply and be sure and be there from open to close on November 4.  Those who stand outside the polling place are not required to reside in the county where they work, nor are they required to apply with the county.  You may hand out information, inform voters, and give them sample ballots (you may need to get these from the County Clerk–I’ll check on that tomorrow).

If you need help organizing a group to monitor elections, I’d suggest contacting True the Vote directly.  They did it with little more than an idea and 10 friends to begin with.  I think they’re going to be well-represented throughout Harris County after this publicity and their idea is gaining strength across the rest of the country:

True the Vote

And help for organizing and participating is here:

True the Vote:  Resources for Activists (includes information for other states)

Thank all of you for your emails and responses.  Great things come from those determined to do what is right.  You have demonstrated that there is plenty of concern to right this ship of state.

As an aside, I have joined the Frisco, Texas, Tea Party.  I would suggest you look for a Tea Party organization in your city.  It’s not about Democrat or Republican–it’s about doing what’s right for the country and our kids and grandkids.

In the spirit of Ronald Reagan:  God Bless America


2 Responses to “About poll watching”

  1. johnmwilliams Says:

    Have forwarded your information to them.

  2. Mike Szydlowski Says:

    I volunteered to br an inside poll watcher while attending a Clear Lake Teaparty rally in Webster, Texas in September but have not heard from them since. I understand that there is a training session planned and would like to attend. Please help me contact the local True the Vote people to follow up.

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