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Best Advertisement yet for the GOP

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Another astroturf campaign from the left…

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Remember the protest the left named “One Nation” on the DC mall Saturday?  The left’s blogosphere and their buddies in the media ballyhooed it as “bigger and better” than the “Restoring Honor” rally held by Glenn Beck.  Well, from their point of view, I can see how it would have been “better.”  After all, when you’re a Christophobe and Ameriphobe, the last things you want to hear about are returning the country to its Christian roots and Founder’s ideals.  But bigger?

This is from Verum Serum, one of my favorites and a regular read for me (see blog roll).

And this doesn’t take into account that many of the “One Nation” protestors were paid participants from unions and high school students looking for extra credit:

Unions offer free bus ride, free t-shirt, and free Metrofare Card (DC) for rally attendance

And Gateway Pundit interviews high school attendees: