New definitions to help navigate the left

Jobs Bill–a bill designed to raise taxes by $1.5 trillion and finish off an already weak economy

“Let me be clear”–Listen to me now and forget everything I’ve said or done before

Fair–a concept that requires that all people produce as much as they possibly can for the sole reason of donating it to the poor saps who don’t know how (or just refuse) to produce much of anything.

Bankers–a catchall term for anyone who has made it big in private life in America. Used as a pejorative to demonize wealth and success in America.

Corporations–any for-profit entity that doesn’t support the Democratic Party. Differs from “companies” like Goldman-Sachs, GE, and other big Democratic donors

Anarchists–radical Democrats who don the mantle in order to try to divert embarrassment from the Party. American anarchist groups’ demands generally read like the talking points from Democrat missives. Gun control, nationalized health care, abortion funding/access all figure prominently in their literature.

SEIU–the Service Employees International Union. Used to provide muscle at Democratic functions. Often seen physically removing anyone who asks an embarrassing or difficult question of a politician from the Democratic Party.

Tea Party–a group of Americans who think the government should spend within its means and live within a budget like the people it allegedly “serves” have to. Often used as a term of derision for anyone who proposes smaller government and an end to profligate borrowing and spending.

T-bagger–a term of derision derived from a gay slur used to deride members of the Tea Party. It’s original meaning referred to a gay man who would put another’s scrotum in his mouth. Of course, in keeping with their maturity level, those on the left, including Bill Maher, Janeane Garafalo, and countless other entertainers and politicians have found this endlessly humorous.


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