Did you see where President Obama gave short shrift to Ed Henry over a question?

Henry had asked Obama about a statement Mitt Romney had made about the Fast and Furious investigation.  After Ed repeated Romney’s assertion, Obama said “I didn’t know you were the spokesman for Romney.”


OF course, Obama’s barb was meant as a barb at Fox News in general because it doesn’t haul his water for him.  However, we now have evidence that ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, the NYT, the LAT, and the WAPO all really ARE mouthpieces for this administration.  Today, though you may not know it, the entire upper echelon of the Obama Justice Department was subpoenaed in the Operation Gun Walker, Gun Runner, and Fast and Furious investigations.  Not a word of the subpoenas was mentioned in any of the so-called “Mainstream Media.”  Now please–let’s be honest–had this been John Ashcroft’s Justice Department under George W. Bush, this would have been hammered every 15 minutes on the broadcast outlets mentioned and headlined the newspapers for weeks!  But “Move along…nothing to see here” seems to be the press’ response to anything that might prove embarrassing for this President.’

Here is the subpoena directly from the source since our press is determined to protect this administration at all costs:


The press during this time in our history will go down as having been co-opted by the Democratic Party.  Not unwittingly–but willingly.  It will be excoriated for having been complicit in the crimes of this administration and I hope the next administration has the intestinal fortitude to prosecute these editors and reporters who are accomplices in this criminal activity.

After this post, I did find a summary of the situation on Hot Air:



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