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What is abortion?

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Really–when you really think about abortion, what’s it about? Is it really about “women’s health” when an infinitesimal number of women’s lives are threatened by pregnancy? I think abortion has evolved into a strictly ideological procedure based not on medical or scientific considerations, but on radical feminist counter-culture politics of the 1960’s. It’s a relic from the pop culture known as the “me generation” and the fact that it’s held so sacrosanct by the left lends credence to the assertion that liberalism is more of a religion than, well, religion.


Ammunition for 2012

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We’ve all heard it–the recession was all Bush’s doing and Obama’s just doing the best he can with the mess he was left.  It’s all fabricated nonsense, but it sells well to the sheeple who are trained to believe anything the left’s propaganda machine pumps out.  But here’s the truth about the deficit and debt:

Bush Deficit vs. Obama Deficit in Pictures

True, the distribution has been somewhat changed–Obama’s deficits have run smaller on the front end and larger on the back end, but he’s managed to run up nearly $4.8 trillion in UNBUDGETED deficits over the last 3 1/2 years, MORE than even the CBO projections in 2009.  The fact that Democrats want nothing to do with the budget process this year belies their promises to spend more wisely.  As the reality of the 2012 election sinks in, I would expect that spending will increase even faster, and we’ll outspend even the recent raising of the debt ceiling by another $1.2 trillion just the other day, as they try to feather their nests for the coming drought–when Republicans likely win both houses of Congress and the White House.  There should be legislation to claw back this raiding of the national treasury by the Democratic Party, but based on the feckless leadership of the Republican Party, I doubt any will be forthcoming.

I don’t think we can afford to engage in an insurgency candidacy this election cycle, but I think the Tea Party and other conservative organizations need to band together to start overthrowing the Republican establishment.  We will accomplish nothing in regard to reforming major aspects of the government with the current Republican leadership.  Paul Ryan had the right idea and the Tea Party caucus needs to solidify and expand our influence so we can control the message and frame the debate.

Let’s have some more fun…

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Let’s talk about this latest round of fiction, that the reason the recovery has been slow is due to the unknown severity of the recession:

Investor Business Daily

And a wonderful report on Obama’s magical disappearing workforce:

A Graphic Question:  Where are the Jobs?

OK–so have you heard of Occupy Wall Street?

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Yeah–they’re not “extremists” like those hot-headed tri-cornered hat Tea Party types who show up and demand the government stop spending money it doesn’t have. No, they’re level-headed folks who think that everything should be free and that capitalism is evil and corrupt and keeps people in poverty (have they seen North Korea lately?). Anyway, it seems the MSM has worked overtime to avoid calling these spoiled children, who call for the overthrow of our government and way of life, “extremists,” for fear of alienating the only readers/viewers remaining of their leftist drivel. But still, some evidence of the total lack of thought, narcissism, and nihilism make it out (though only to the foreign press):

Help Verify the Recall

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I have been watching the goings on in Wisconsin and we have an opportunity to make sure that the Recall Petition for recalling Governor Walker is legitimate and fair. Governor Walker has done nothing but follow through on his campaign promises to the people of Wisconsin and faces a barrage of outside influence from unions and the far left. I’ve volunteered to help this weekend (February 19-21) and hope you’ll do the same. This is a project of True the Vote and you can reach them through this link:

Please volunteer and lend whatever skills you can to this effort.