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Obamacare and Constitutionality

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I was reading Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick and her take on the Supreme Court’s slicing and dicing of Obamacare (without much effort, I might add).  She’s all exercised because she thinks that we who oppose the measure on the basis of “freedom” and “liberty” are merely looking for freedom from responsibility for our fellow countrymen.  Here’s her article.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.  Those of us who recognize the negative effects government has already had on healthcare in this country just don’t want more of the same.  Here’s my take–we already pay for EVERYONE in this country to have healthcare. We will ALWAYS pay for everyone in this country to have healthcare. Same people, same consequences, same costs. The only difference is the left’s puppetmasters know they could never outlaw health insurance, so they’ve decided that instead of letting taxpayers foot the bill for the uninsured, it will force them into insurance policies so policyholders can do it. Money is the same either way. But–what the left really wants to do is do away with the insurance industry through unfunded coverages and benefits, forcing insurance companies to compete against the government and in the end, as is always inevitable when private industry is forced to compete against the government, driving the insurance companies out of business and take us to single payer. Not to “expand coverage,” but to grab a huge swath of the economy so it can then squeeze–and squeeze–and squeeze some more by limiting healthcare and never having to worry about raising taxes for its Utopian schemes. All that money coming in, and all they have to do is tell bureaucrats that this procedure will no longer be covered, anyone over that age is past the arbitrary “quality of life” point for that operation, etc., etc.

The objective of Obamacare is the furthest thing from freedom or liberty or even compassion. It’s anther liberal money-grab–nothing more.  And those–like Ms. Lithwick–are either complicit in the scheme or too blinded by ideology to see it for what it is.


On the Trayvon Martin killing in Florida

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In case you missed it, there is a firestorm over the killing of an unarmed black kid in Florida. His name was Trayvon Martin and he was allegedly minding his own business, walking through a gated community, eating Skittles, and talking to his girlfriend on the phone when confronted by a Neighborhood Watch captain named George Zimmerman. Some sequence of events took place, and Trayvon Martin ended up shot dead. Since the media-generated firestorm, which first reported George Zimmerman to be white, the facts of the case, as we white males have come to expect, have become irrelevant. There used to be a time when waiting on all the facts was counseled by wise liberals, and I like to think we learned it well. I certainly learned to wait and see what the evidence was before making any kind of judgement.

Contrast that to what the liberals seem to be creating today–a literal firestorm over the killing of Trayvon. While the liberals and race baiters have been out grandstanding, the one eyewitness to the assault tells a very different version of what happened. George Zimmerman (first reported to be a “white neighborhood watch captain”–the description that I believe started this lynch mob mentality) approached the youth and hassled him to an extent, no doubt. There had been recent break-ins and vandalism in the neighborhood and any good neighborhood watch person would at least monitor the individual. Zimmerman then turned to go to his truck and Trayvon jumped him from behind and began to beat him. According to the eyewitness there wasn’t much of a fight–Zimmerman was caught by surprise and never really recovered enough to fight back effectively. According to the witness, Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman beating him. There were cries for help which the black community–stoked by has-beens like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson–has convinced itself were Trayvon’s, but the eyewitness says were Zimmerman’s. The witness headed to his home to call 911 and heard the shot and when he looked back, the man who had been on top (Trayvon) was lying on the ground next to Zimmerman who was beaten and bloodied.

Now, based on this eyewitness account, and the absurdity that anyone would shoot an unarmed black kid for sport (which seems to be the narrative from what has become the civil rights race baiting industry), it would seem that rational people would at least step back and allow justice to take its course. And maybe they will. But there are LOTS of people who invested heavily in this story when it was first reported Zimmerman was white and the “armed white bigot kills black kid” story was just too low-hanging an opportunity for the liberals to pass on.

There have now been very vocal calls for Zimmerman’s death–and a $10,000 bounty put on his head by the civic-minded New Black Panthers Party who in 2008 worked so diligently to make sure black votes counted more than white votes in Philadelphia. The police chief’s family has also been threatened. The outrage is all the rage these days.

And the civil rights grievance peddlers have become what they always claimed to abhor–knee-jerk reactionary bigots. As it turns out–and as I always suspected–they just wanted to be the knee-jerk reactionary bigots.

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From “This ain’t Hell (but you can see it from here)” blog:

The way the Left rigs the game…

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Joel Pallock, the new editor-in-chief for Breitbart, was on Soledad O’Brien’s CNN show a week or so ago to talk about the Breitbart clip of Obama introducing Professor Derrick Bell of Harvard. It wasn’t very damning–there are more installments to come–but O’Brien was asking what about Dr. Bell was so bad that Obama hugging him was a big deal. Pollack went on to say that Bell had been one of the first, and biggest, proponents of “Critical Race Theory” in the U.S.–and that it is a radical theory based on the theory that White supremacy is innate in our system of laws and that racism is so fundamental and so ingrained in our culture, the only way to compensate for it is by making the system unequal through programs like affirmative action, minority set asides in contracts, etc.

Soledad argued quite vehemently that White supremacy wasn’t a claim of Critical Race Theory (I assume to try to buffet any criticism of Obama for being so close to Bell–but it was really kind of strange in the moment of the discussion). She apparently had a staffer reading her the Wikipedia intro to Critical Race Theory due to her inability to speak to it specifically (and there has even been somewhat of an editing war breaking out at Wiki because some have tried to erase the original reference to White supremacy that was further down in the article). So Pollack was accused of everything under the sun, including being a racist (a surprise, I’m sure, to his black, South African wife whose mother was awarded an medal of achievement by Nelson Mandela himself).

At any rate, in order to try to buttress her initial claim that White supremacy wasn’t a part of Critical Race Theory, Soledad had another professor, Emory’s Dr. Dorothy Brown, come on and claim that White supremacy played no part in Critical Race Theory. Here’s the exchange:

O’Brien: One of the things you heard Mr. Pollak say, he said that Critical Race Theory is all about White supremacy… So you’re a professor, you teach this theory, you’ve written a book about it. Is it all about white supremacy?

Brown: No, it’s nothing about white supremacy. When I hear “white supremacy,” I think of the Ku Klux Klan. Critical Race Theory is the opposite of that. So, honestly, I have no idea what he was talking about.

Except the book that Dr. Brown wrote states explicitly:

Although CRT does not employ a single methodology, it seeks to highlight the ways in which the law is not neutral and objective, but designed to support White supremacy and the subordination of people of color.

So Soledad doubles down on her ignorance, draws in a professor, compounding it into a lie, and Soledad’s audience will forever be ignorant of the fact that White supremacy is the foundation of CRT while the left has taken it upon itself to make her lie into the truth. Just a microcosm of the fantasy of the left and the ends they’ll go to to make it seem real.

Sandra Fluke

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I just wanted to comment on this flap over Sandra Fluke. This is nothing but misdirection by the left. No Republican has EVER promoted or even discussed banning contraception. This was all a set up by the Democrats to try to distract from the disaster that is the economy. Former Clinton aid and Democratic strategist George Stephanopoulos injected–and I mean INJECTED–this issue into the first Republican debate. The debate had focused on jobs, jobs, jobs–and then, out of the blue, Stephanopoulus asked Mitt Romney if he felt the states had the right to ban contraception. Not once, but twice. In fact, it was one of the most twisted and strained question/answer sequences any of the debates. Romney was, quite rightly, caught flat-footed and said he didn’t know of anyone talking about banning contraception, yet George continued on, unabated.

Then there are the absolute fabrications by ABC that Rick Santorum said states “should” have the right to ban contraception (watch–it will morph to “Santorum said states should ban contraception!” before long), trying to make it seem as if Santorum was actively advocating states rights to ban contraceptives. What Santorum said was that states HAVE THAT RIGHT–which they do–without commenting on whether it would be right or wrong or otherwise. This is just a red herring thrown up by a desperate party that has no place to go if the record of this President is on display.

As for Ms. Fluke, she is not a struggling Georgetown coed of 23. She’s a 30 year old Democratic activist who has a bachelor’s degree in Feminist, Gender & Sexuality studies from Cornell and went to Georgetown with the express purpose of making this issue a political football. She has also argued in favor of gender change surgery being included in insurance.

She and the Democrats have fabricated a “struggle for contraception” where there is none. It’s time for the American people to wake up and realize that they’ve again been played by the left preying on their fear and conjuring up bogeymen that don’t exist.