Sandra Fluke

I just wanted to comment on this flap over Sandra Fluke. This is nothing but misdirection by the left. No Republican has EVER promoted or even discussed banning contraception. This was all a set up by the Democrats to try to distract from the disaster that is the economy. Former Clinton aid and Democratic strategist George Stephanopoulos injected–and I mean INJECTED–this issue into the first Republican debate. The debate had focused on jobs, jobs, jobs–and then, out of the blue, Stephanopoulus asked Mitt Romney if he felt the states had the right to ban contraception. Not once, but twice. In fact, it was one of the most twisted and strained question/answer sequences any of the debates. Romney was, quite rightly, caught flat-footed and said he didn’t know of anyone talking about banning contraception, yet George continued on, unabated.

Then there are the absolute fabrications by ABC that Rick Santorum said states “should” have the right to ban contraception (watch–it will morph to “Santorum said states should ban contraception!” before long), trying to make it seem as if Santorum was actively advocating states rights to ban contraceptives. What Santorum said was that states HAVE THAT RIGHT–which they do–without commenting on whether it would be right or wrong or otherwise. This is just a red herring thrown up by a desperate party that has no place to go if the record of this President is on display.

As for Ms. Fluke, she is not a struggling Georgetown coed of 23. She’s a 30 year old Democratic activist who has a bachelor’s degree in Feminist, Gender & Sexuality studies from Cornell and went to Georgetown with the express purpose of making this issue a political football. She has also argued in favor of gender change surgery being included in insurance.

She and the Democrats have fabricated a “struggle for contraception” where there is none. It’s time for the American people to wake up and realize that they’ve again been played by the left preying on their fear and conjuring up bogeymen that don’t exist.


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