On the Trayvon Martin killing in Florida

In case you missed it, there is a firestorm over the killing of an unarmed black kid in Florida. His name was Trayvon Martin and he was allegedly minding his own business, walking through a gated community, eating Skittles, and talking to his girlfriend on the phone when confronted by a Neighborhood Watch captain named George Zimmerman. Some sequence of events took place, and Trayvon Martin ended up shot dead. Since the media-generated firestorm, which first reported George Zimmerman to be white, the facts of the case, as we white males have come to expect, have become irrelevant. There used to be a time when waiting on all the facts was counseled by wise liberals, and I like to think we learned it well. I certainly learned to wait and see what the evidence was before making any kind of judgement.

Contrast that to what the liberals seem to be creating today–a literal firestorm over the killing of Trayvon. While the liberals and race baiters have been out grandstanding, the one eyewitness to the assault tells a very different version of what happened. George Zimmerman (first reported to be a “white neighborhood watch captain”–the description that I believe started this lynch mob mentality) approached the youth and hassled him to an extent, no doubt. There had been recent break-ins and vandalism in the neighborhood and any good neighborhood watch person would at least monitor the individual. Zimmerman then turned to go to his truck and Trayvon jumped him from behind and began to beat him. According to the eyewitness there wasn’t much of a fight–Zimmerman was caught by surprise and never really recovered enough to fight back effectively. According to the witness, Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman beating him. There were cries for help which the black community–stoked by has-beens like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson–has convinced itself were Trayvon’s, but the eyewitness says were Zimmerman’s. The witness headed to his home to call 911 and heard the shot and when he looked back, the man who had been on top (Trayvon) was lying on the ground next to Zimmerman who was beaten and bloodied.

Now, based on this eyewitness account, and the absurdity that anyone would shoot an unarmed black kid for sport (which seems to be the narrative from what has become the civil rights race baiting industry), it would seem that rational people would at least step back and allow justice to take its course. And maybe they will. But there are LOTS of people who invested heavily in this story when it was first reported Zimmerman was white and the “armed white bigot kills black kid” story was just too low-hanging an opportunity for the liberals to pass on.

There have now been very vocal calls for Zimmerman’s death–and a $10,000 bounty put on his head by the civic-minded New Black Panthers Party who in 2008 worked so diligently to make sure black votes counted more than white votes in Philadelphia. The police chief’s family has also been threatened. The outrage is all the rage these days.

And the civil rights grievance peddlers have become what they always claimed to abhor–knee-jerk reactionary bigots. As it turns out–and as I always suspected–they just wanted to be the knee-jerk reactionary bigots.


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