Obamacare and Constitutionality

I was reading Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick and her take on the Supreme Court’s slicing and dicing of Obamacare (without much effort, I might add).  She’s all exercised because she thinks that we who oppose the measure on the basis of “freedom” and “liberty” are merely looking for freedom from responsibility for our fellow countrymen.  Here’s her article.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.  Those of us who recognize the negative effects government has already had on healthcare in this country just don’t want more of the same.  Here’s my take–we already pay for EVERYONE in this country to have healthcare. We will ALWAYS pay for everyone in this country to have healthcare. Same people, same consequences, same costs. The only difference is the left’s puppetmasters know they could never outlaw health insurance, so they’ve decided that instead of letting taxpayers foot the bill for the uninsured, it will force them into insurance policies so policyholders can do it. Money is the same either way. But–what the left really wants to do is do away with the insurance industry through unfunded coverages and benefits, forcing insurance companies to compete against the government and in the end, as is always inevitable when private industry is forced to compete against the government, driving the insurance companies out of business and take us to single payer. Not to “expand coverage,” but to grab a huge swath of the economy so it can then squeeze–and squeeze–and squeeze some more by limiting healthcare and never having to worry about raising taxes for its Utopian schemes. All that money coming in, and all they have to do is tell bureaucrats that this procedure will no longer be covered, anyone over that age is past the arbitrary “quality of life” point for that operation, etc., etc.

The objective of Obamacare is the furthest thing from freedom or liberty or even compassion. It’s anther liberal money-grab–nothing more.  And those–like Ms. Lithwick–are either complicit in the scheme or too blinded by ideology to see it for what it is.


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