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Democrats can’t make up their minds regarding the Contempt vote against Holder

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Some say it’s totally premature–others say it’s election-year politics.  Which is it?  Neither.  The investigation has slogged on for 16 months as the Department of Justice dragged it feet, lying for 9 months about the operation before finally coming clean and then handing over a bunch of documents redacted to the point of irrelevance to try to stall for time.  So the timing has nothing to do with Republican rush-to-judgement or electioneering–it has to do with Democratic obfuscation and stall tactics.  The Democrats have no one but this Attorney General, the Administration, and their collusion to blame for the timing of the contempt vote.


The Obamacare decision

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Well, Democrats lied (what’s new?).  They sold Obamacare, emphatically, as not being a tax.  Democrats knew that passing a huge new tax on all Americans (and it will eventually involve ALL Americans) would have sealed their doom.  The job now is to make sure that everyone KNOWS this is a tax.  That’s the only thing that made it legal–Congress’ taxing authority is what the justices cited–not the commerce clause.

There will be 21 new taxes.  Twelve of those will affect families making less than $250k per year (another lie by Obama/Democrats who pretended that this was as good as a “protected class” in all their bloviating).  We have been betrayed by a whole political party and it’s imperative that everyone make it known to everyone they know–this was a fraud from the start.

If allowed to stand, this will inevitably lead to “single payer,” or government-run health care for all.  I say inevitably because there is no way for private enterprise to compete with government, especially in the face of more and more unfunded mandates (they have now been forced to cover pre-existing conditions and contraceptives with no cost passed on to the beneficiaries of those services).  Only the government through taxation can absorb those kinds of costs and Obama and the Democrats know this very well.  They will drive the private insurance industry out of business and in effect, nationalize healthcare.

On down the road, they’ll do the same thing they’ve done with Social Security and Medicare–robbing healthcare of funds in order to fund other projects and gradually squeezing quality and quantity of care–rationing–in order to keep the funds coming.  And they won’t have to answer to the taxpayers for their malfeasance, because like Social Security and Medicare, it will go to the general fund where we have no way to track it.  In effect, they’ve taken another 1/6 of the economy as a new tax without any accountability to the taxpayers.  When they eventually say the program can’t afford a coverage, we’ll have no recourse but to go home and die.

Our medical research and development that has led the world will dwindle to nothing and not only we, but the rest of the world, will suffer for it.  Advanced cures and treatments for illness and disease will be jettisoned first as “experimental”–or worse, handed out to politically connected companies while the rest go begging.

Once this process is in the hands of the government, there is no accountability or recourse available to taxpayers.

I will think on this some more, but at this point, repeal is the only way to undo this bad law.  Please–support Republicans this November.   Otherwise, our parents and our kids will suffer for it later.

How incompetent is this DOJ?

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And we see the same kind of incompetence from all levels of the Obama Administration.

The newly bloated Voting Rights Division of the DOJ (Holder installed a whole new level of management over the last 3 years) represents of the worst, weakest, and most pathetic bunch of attorneys that has ever occupied the highest level of law enforcement in this country.  This demonstrates exactly why liberals are considered incompetent anywhere but the rarefied air of academia where their theories and ruminations are safely walled off from the rest of society and why, on the occasions they’re unleashed on the real world, they prove incredibly bungling and amateurish:

DOJ voting rights case hinges on newspaper report

From a memo from the real attorneys in Florida defending the new voting rights law DOJ is challenging:

[quote]DOJ crosses even further into the realm of conclusory and unsubstantiated speculation by asserting that the Secretary’s use of MDAVE data is “discriminatory.” DOJ cites a single source to support this claim: a news report “indicat[ing] that the program may have a disproportionate impact on minority voters” because “87 percent of those on the 2,600-person list are minorities.” U.S. Mem. 17 & n.6 (emphasis added). As a threshold matter, a single media report speculating that the MDAVE data “may” have a disparate impact is obviously not competent evidence to support any judgment or relief.[/quote]

This is the most incompetent bunch of hooey from allegedly accomplished “professionals” that I’ve ever seen.  To initiate a legal action, taking a state to court on the basis of information contained in a newspaper report shows the vacuous, irresponsible and capricious nature of the liberal mind.  Is it any wonder the Democrats went running for the hills when faced with the prospect of having to face John Yoo in court while their constituencies screamed for the prosecution of the Bush Administration for “war crimes”?

So in 1972, 17% fewer women than men graduated from college…

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It was an emergency–one that demanded Federal action to level this grave injustice!

So we get the Education Amendments of 1972, Public Law No. 92-318, 86 Stat. 235 (june 23, 1972, codified at 20 U. S. C. sections 1681 through 1688, aka the Patsy T. Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act–legislation intended to “level the playing field” for women in college.

In 2012, 25% fewer men than women graduated from college.

Our President calls this a “great accomplishment for America.”

Is it really?

So are we going to get Federal legislation to level the playing field for men?  My bet is no.  Because any attempt to “level the playing field” would get the same kind of “war on women” rhetoric going that we saw over being forced to pay for women’s contraception.  “Fairness” and “equality” are only useful, it seems, when the “right group” benefits.

This kind of social manipulation NEVER “levels the playing field” and ALWAYS produces winners and losers.  And once a group benefits from it and becomes the “favored group,” it can never relinquish its hold, even under the same auspices it received those additional benefits.  It’s a fool’s errand from the start and only serves to further separate us as a nation.