ObamaCare–what it means to you

Everybody likes to talk about the macro effects of ObamaCare–the cost to the economy, the cost to the middle class, the cost to freedom and liberty.  But what does ObamaCare mean to the individual?  I think there are two possible outcomes.

First–there is no doubt that ObamaCare is the first step to government-run health care.  By mandating unpaid coverages such as contraception, testing, and other expenses, private insurance will be driven out of the marketplace or reduced to little more than a servicing industry.  The government will dictate what is covered, how much is paid, and, eventually, will take over the whole of our medical establishment.  Doctors will be government employees and patients will be at the mercy of Sarah Palin’s “death panels” that will decide whether certain procedures, medications, and treatments are economically justifiable based on one-size-fits-all parameters of quality of life standards, useful economic life (age), and other parameters that only bureaucrats and academics will have the warped imagination, time, and inclination to come up with.

The second scenario and the one I think is more likely is that a secondary market of health insurance will crop up.  Like private schools, this would necessitate people paying their tax or minimum insurance coverage in the government system, and then purchasing separate health insurance from private companies.  Canada had such a system for a short time, but found that doctors would refuse to see government-sponsored patients because of the higher pay for privately insured patients.  Canada then had to legislate “single payer” in order to legislate the private insurance industry out of existence and force everyone into the government system.  I don’t think such a move would pass muster in the US, so ObamaCare may eventually die, but it will literally cause unmitigated death and destruction to Americans, their pocketbooks, and our health care delivery system in the mean time.

So whether you’re going to belong to the bureaucrat-run, inefficient, overhead gobbling government health care system, or you’re going to pay the minimum tax and purchase your own, guess what?  YOU’RE GOING TO BE PAYING MORE…LOTS MORE…for your health care coverage.

The old and infirm in our society will be at the mercy of this behemoth.  Retirees cannot afford to purchase secondary policies and will be left at the mercy of the bureaucrats, as will the poor.  And, as usual, the middle-class will pay far more for the same coverage (or inferior coverage), it has today.

Either way, this is a boondoggle of incredible dimensions, affecting 1/6 of our economy.  We have one prayer–that Romney and Republicans will somehow carry the day in November.


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