The illogical and desperate defense of ObamaCare

I keep reading about the Administration still refusing to admit that ObamaCare is a tax.  This is quite a feat–because if it’s not a tax, it’s unconstitutional.  The other two arguments for it were struck down by the majority fairly briefly.  The vast majority of the opinion was spent trying to justify re-writing the Administration’s argument for them and then trying to explain the rewriting.  There’s also well-founded speculation that Roberts changed his vote at the last minute and while I haven’t seen any theories about his switch, based on the fact that he wrote the majority opinion, it’s my thought that the liberal justices and Obama Administration asked him what it would take to save their precious health care law and he told them that it would only pass as a tax.  So the left caved and allowed him to write the majority opinion, he was able to restrict future use of the Commerce and Right and Proper clauses of the Constitution, and he forced the Administration to admit that it’s about to foist the largest tax increase in the history of civilization upon the American people.

The other big lie in the Administration’s propaganda surrounding ObamaCare is that it “will only affects about 1%” of taxpayers who don’t acquire health coverage.  First, they’ve spent the last year and a half telling us that it will cover 30 million who don’t have health care.  That’s a far cry from 1% of our roughly three hundred million population and assumes that 90% (27 out of 30 million) of those who don’t have health care will now rush out and buy it.  Secondly, the requirements to acquire health care or pay the tax for not acquiring health care applies to every single American.  That a small percentage will be paying the tax in lieu of mandated insurance doesn’t make the coercion any less broad.  The government is telling you what you must do with some portion of your income regardless of whether you choose to buy the insurance or pay the tax.



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