Obama hates Romney

Viscerally, some say.  I reference this ebook review from Politico:


Some say that Obama hates Romney because he represents everything Obama doesn’t–and that’s true to a certain extent, politically.  But Obama disagrees with lots of people politically, and I don’t see the same level of hatred directed toward them.  Others say that Romney is hated because he poses a genuine threat to Obama’s power, and that could definitely be a part of the reason.  However, I think a substantial part of Obama’s disdain for Romney emanates from this–Romney is everything Obama wishes he was and tries to project as being.  The problem for Obama is that Romney is the successful, the religious, the family man that Obama tries to project.  But when confronted with the genuine article, rhetoric is no longer sufficient to maintain the facade.  It quickly becomes evident who lives the life, who walks the talk, and who is relying on pretty pictures and nice words.

I think this is another reason the press is scared to death to give Romney any face time or ink–they know their guy is doomed the minute America sees the real Romney.  So they filter his trips overseas, declaring them gaffe-filled and embarrassing (with nothing but their narrative to support the allegations), and hope that enough Americans will have tuned Romney out by the time the convention rolls around and his true competence and practical persona will only be viewed by a small minority.  It’s wishful thinking on their part–no American who cares about this country and has any awareness of where Obama’s taken us will tune out ANY option to Obama without some heavily documented and footnoted evidence.  But they’ll continue the charade to the end, using heavily weighted polls (most over-sampling Democrats by 10% or more), filtered speeches, and Romney quotes out of context to try to convince America to bet on Obama–an abject failure–for four more years.

There is a silver lining here, in my opinion–by the time the election rolls around, those Americans who have held out and still believe the press to be objective will finally see what a mouthpiece it has become for the Democratic Party and Romney will win despite their best efforts to manipulate the truth, finally breaking the hold the legacy media has had on a majority of Americans since its founding.

The press will then have two ways to react–one, try to return to its original mission of trying to inform Americans so they can make honest decisions, or go the way of the tabloid press in places like Great Britain, where you have papers or outlets who identify as either liberal or conservative and leave it up to the people to pick a narrative.  I hope for the former, but expect the latter.  But at least the major networks will have outed themselves as liberal for the whole country to see and there won’t be any pretense of objectivity they can sell to the American public any longer.


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