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Sorry for my extended absence…

Posted in Uncategorized on July 28, 2013 by johnmwilliams

Not a good way to maintain a readership, I know. Here’s a short post I wrote today:

The press has lost all credibility with most Americans when it comes to political reporting and politically motivated issues like global warming. The problem for Democrats is that their narrative is falling apart. The Republicans they (and the press) scream about nobody knows. OTOH, the liberals we scream about, EVERYBODY knows, because theirs is a formulaic, contrived ideology based on a bunch of canards that just aren’t true and would drive any of us nuts if we thought they were true, too. I couldn’t stand to live in a country that was racist at its core. Nor could I live in a country I thought didn’t appreciate women. Or one in which I didn’t think people didn’t have equal opportunity. Yet this is the America they see.