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More definitions for your dictionary…

Posted in Definitions for Conservatives on August 27, 2010 by johnmwilliams

Liberal–a person who believes that honor, loyalty, duty, courage, integrity, courtesy, hard work, patriotism, fidelity,  religion, and the American Dream are abstract concepts for chumps who are ignorant and intolerant bigots.


Entitlement rage–(1)  The sometimes uncontrollable rage experienced by liberals when their credentials, superior intellect, or reputed charm and persuasion are rejected by ordinary Americans or others they consider inferior. (2) The rage some in the minority community express when told that they should take responsibility for their personal and community’s success.


Tax Cut Conundrum–the assertion that tax cuts reduce revenues to the Treasury with nearly universal historical evidence proving that tax cuts have always increased revenues to the Treasury.  Usually used by liberals to try to justify raising taxes.


Economyth (also known as Obamanomics)–the economic theory that generally states that increased taxes and regulation stimulate businesses to expand, that government spending stimulates private investment, and that government bureaucrats produce products and services that add value to the economy.


Religioscopy–the targeted use of religion solely to further a political goal.  Frequently used by liberals to manipulate blacks, Muslims, and other religious minorities when trying to create social upheaval and resentment.  Also often used to try to convince others that paying more taxes to the government under threat of fines/imprisonment is equivalent to Christian charity.  A typically leftist technique that can never be employed to further the rights of Christians or Jews in general.  “Democrats delivering their message in black churches is typical religioscopy.”


Ethical relatavism–the strategy of exaggerating the ethical lapses of one party while minimizing the ethical lapses of one’s own.  This allows liberals to claim “Bush lied” and point to a banner on a ship and 16 words that were entirely truthful while completely ignoring the explicit lies of President Obama regarding lobbying, transparency, and a host of other issues.


Obamaduck–the strategy of a politician refusing to take any open questions from the press or anyone else.  Usually employed after one has been caught in multiple lies and contradictions and decides to withdraw rather than risk uttering more.


Obamaplant–a person or people “planted” in an audience to ask prearranged questions that are designed to make the politician answering appear erudite and cerebral.


Libbechamber–the collection of massive, urban enclaves of liberals where knowledge of conservatives is drawn from movies and television shows and where word of mouth, from the “right people,” is considered fact.  “In the libbechamber, they believe that government is the source of our wealth and success.”


Mushhead–a liberal not of the political or elite class.  Usually lives in the libbechamber and believes that because he/she’s been a victim of liberal policies, that the rest of America owes him/her compensation.  Also, is so confused about political issues that they rely on the advice of friends and family when voting (who rely on their friends and family, who rely on their friends and family, etc., etc).  Great numbers can be controlled by a few well-placed politicians and/or elites.


Bureaucide–the act of placing one’s health care decisions in the hands of a bureaucrat


Bureaucrap–the products produced by industry in response to overregulation and dictates of government.


©John Mark Williams, 2010


A few new entries for your conservative dictionary…

Posted in Definitions for Conservatives, General, Liberals, politics on August 11, 2010 by johnmwilliams

Ameriphobe-those who disagree with America’s continued power, wealth, and influence.  And as we’ve well been taught, disagreeing with a position is not a difference of opinion or values, but is instead expressing hidden insecurities and fear.


Nuttocracy-the collection of far left activist groups that comprise the Democratic Party’s base.  Generally made up of academicians, bureaucrats, trust fund babies, and committed socialists and communists (about 20% of the population in general and about 50-60% of the Democratic Party.


The Unholy Trinity-the collection of causes that the left uses to fleece the American taxpayer, draping nihilism in the mantles of social justice, economic justice, environmental justice.


Foundation two-step–the sham charity/not-for-profit corporation infrastructure the left has created and used to shift tax-exempt money between each other to obfuscate it’s source and intent and finally funnel to the Democratic Party.


Libbyworld–the only place liberal policies will work; necessarily divorced from reality


War cost multipliers–libs and libertarians that think “Do Nothing” is a foreign policy and invariably end up forcing America into wars too late when the cost of blood and treasure has increased exponentially from dealing with the problem in its infancy.


Libbyterran mind trick–a tactic in which the liberal looks at the success, wealth, standard of living, and influence of the United States and claims that “We have a failed system.”


ADS (Astroturf Derangement Syndrome)–the syndrome exhibited by the left that convinces it that top-down organizations created by known Democratic operatives are “grass roots” and conservative organizations like the Tea Party that pop up spontaneously throughout the country with no central organization or leadership are “astroturf.”


Dead Horse Theory–the pathological aversion to responsibility that the left exhibits (being perpetual adolescents) anytime it runs up against concerted opposition.  It generally involves accusing their opponents of racism or trying to blame people who no longer hold office like George W. Bush.


Spigot–a socialist bigot.  These are leftists who think that most Americans are too stupid to vote or have any control over their government, that America is a racist nation, and that only they have the key to creating a perfect society and anyone who opposes them is evil to the core.


Olbermann–a completely irrational leftist who spews all sorts of incoherent and absurd bile and vitriol at anyone they consider a conservative or a Republican.  Used as in “Wow, that dude is a real Olbermann.”


Pelosi–a person of disproportionate power in relation to their intelligence.  Used to describe those who have a bit more measured delivery than an Olbermann, but with more power to affect our lives.  Derived from Nancy Pelosi’s grand statement that we need to leave fossil fuels behind and go with such clean energy sources as natural gas.  Also her “We need to pass the bill so you can see what’s in it.”  Can be used interchangeably with a Reid or a Kucinich.


Censormatic–the inclination of leftists to immediately seek to regulate or squelch free speech of those it disagrees with.


Thrust and feint–the technique the left uses to remove unusually effective conservatives from the body politic.  Involves local prosecutors manufacturing charges against political foes just before elections (thrust) and then dropping their cases afterward (feint).  See Ted Stephens, Tom Delay.


Black Panther tap dance–the technique of leftists in government tap dancing around egregious violations of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 when the suspects belong to a favored (or “protected”) class.


Walker–the baseless court ruling in a case that relies not on law, but on the moral proclivities of the jurist presiding over the case.  “That decision was a real Walker.”

© John Mark Williams, 2010