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I spoke of the Franfurt School in the preceding post…

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For those not familiar, the Frankfurt School was a “communist Utopian-based school” in Frankfurt, Germany, founded in the Marxist revolution that swept Europe in the early 1900’s, and the techniques developed here were based on the tools used by both Mussolini and Hitler to build their fascist movements.  The school was abandoned when Hitler turned against the communist government of Russia in WWII and began seeking out communist infiltrators.

Those Marxists escaped to the United States and made Columbia University their home.  This three-part video details the Frankfurt School and its ideology in terms of “political correctness,” but provides a good background on the techniques and strategies developed by those Frankfurt School refugees at Columbia to create Marxist governments:


Next time somebody tries to tell you Bush and the Republicans…

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Are responsible for doubling the deficit, take a look at where the deficit was just before the Dems took over in 2007 and thereafter:

You’ll note, as I have often, that the last year Bush and the Republicans controlled Congress and the White House, the deficit had been cut in half (from $400+ billion to $187 billion) just as GWB had promised in 2004.  Then those deficit hawks, the Democrats, took over and quickly spent more than Bush and the Republicans  had in the previous 4 years and in 2009, they spent more than the last four years of Bush/Republican spending–combined.

But don’t count on anybody in the MSM worrying about this fact.  It’s all about the narrative.  Bush spent like a drunk sailor and the Dems have been perfect stewards of our hard-earned tax money.  More leftist fantasy grist for the mill…

Whitacre out at GM

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Ed Whitacre, the now-former CEO of GM, resigned yesterday–a day before the IPO for GM was supposed to hit the market (it was rumored that the latest date would be today, Friday, but it didn’t happen, and my explanation follows after the link).  But as for Mr. Whitacre, I see a pattern emerging here–libs, with no idea of how the market works or investors make their decisions, tell someone to implement policies that have absolutely zero chance of working.  When the successes they’ve manufactured in their minds don’t materialize, then the individual who was tasked with making their fairytale outcomes come true gets canned:

Model Corruption

Tell you what happened–at least in my opinion.  Obama’s “brain trust” thought, like some of my liberal friends, that the IPO would bail out the taxpayers, thus making them look like brilliant central planners who really have a nose for business.  Forget the fact that the largest IPO in history was $22 billion (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, 2006) and they were looking for $50-60 billion–a government-run entity is sure to be more valuable to private investors, right?  But the expectations have gradually fallen over the months until the last estimate was that it would be $10-$12 billion.  But I’ll bet good money that even that wasn’t going to fly (hence, Whitaker gets wacked).  The only people who are going to buy any blocks of any size of that stock are the people guaranteed not to get hurt by it–the unions.  The rest has to be carried by Mom and Pop investors who do their own investing through discount brokerages (no sane broker would recommend GM).  Why?  The Administration has demonstrated that real investors put their money in the hands of the WH and their union partners.  The proceeds will be “invested” in the union pensions and benefits, not in making GM a better car company.  Anybody who’s been paying attention knows this.

The question is–will the central-planning leftist ideologues decide that their grand schemes don’t work?  Or do they decide that their grand schemes can’t work in America as it is today and double down on their “change?”  My bet’s the latter.

The New Orleans Assault on Republicans

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I referenced this story below, and then realized I’d neglected to blog about it at the time.  I apologize.  It is a story of unmitigated bias and craven partisanship in the mainstream media that should have been trumpeted everywhere (though I think Fox did about two days of coverage immediately after the assault).

It was an assault carried out on two young Republicans attending a Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Allee Bautsch and Joe Brown, in April of this year.  The group that led the “anarchists” in attendance proves what I’ve long suspected–that “anarchists” are nothing but radical Democrats trying to provide some “plausible deniability” to the party for their violent crimes.  They are foot soldiers for the left, nothing less.  Here is the website for the group that organized the protests earlier in the evening and on whose website the perpetrators bragged about what they’d done before having it scrubbed when discovered by the New Orleans blog, the Hayride:

The Iron Rail, New Orleans

I apologize for overlooking this story at the time.  Their main page previously extolled the virtues of gun control, national health care, abortion on demand, education spending and the whole list of Democratic litmus test issues.  A curious list of causes for “anarchists,” n’est-ce pas?

Ms. Bautsch received a fractured leg.  Her companion, Joe Brown, received a broken jaw, broken nose and a concussion.  Yet did you hear any report of it where you live?  Can you imagine that if a Democrat had been essentially mugged by a group of anti-Democratic protesters that there wouldn’t have been endless speculation on the front page of every major newspaper and at the top of every newscast for weeks speculating on whether it was Tea Partiers or or the Republican Party who’d done the deed?  Yet, as always, the press demands perfect evidence from the right while publishing rumors and innuendo from the left.  I won’t go into details here, but here’s the minute-by-minute details provided by the blog Hayride:

The French Quarter Fracas D-Bloc

The Hayride posts the follow-ups  to the story and comments on the reluctance of everyone–including the right blogosphere–to speak the truth.  They’ve done the legwork and determined what really happened.  However, even he misses the connection between the agenda of Iron Rail and the Democratic Party:

The French Quarter Attack WAS Political

A Rant on Media, Evidence, and Cowardice

This story should have been investigated deeply–and would have if the press were not partisan.  But, as I said in the post below, the words and actions of the New Orleans Police Department are just as troubling.

The new aristocracy…

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Hey Senator Leahy! I’ve got a method for correcting that…

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Seems the Senator was caught off guard by the exemption of the SEC from FOIA requests in the grand and glorious and all-encompassing Financial Reform Act:

Key Senate Democrat: Financial reform bill was wrong to exempt SEC from FOIA requests

I have a wonderful, time-tested and proven method to remedy those kinds of surprises, Senator.  However, unlike so many on the web, I am not willing to divulge the secret for free, though I’ll certainly work for less than Rod Blagojevich (sold my last Senate seat a while back).  You may contact me through the blog.  I’m cheap because I can’t find work in this POS economy you and your party have driven into the dirt, so I’ll even help you avoid any more surprises.

Shhhh–(whisper with my finger phone at my ear) Call me 🙂

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

A friend asked–“Why are you a conservative?”

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Why are you a conservative?

We have a President who sought and received the endorsement of socialist parties like the New Party in Illinois and even Communist Party USA

We have a President who was close to and a business partner with an unrepentant, anti-American terrorist

We have a President who joined and attended a “Black Liberation” church that sought not to strengthen the black community in America, but to isolate it and exploit its fears, frustration, and distrust of fellow Americans

The federal deficit was $187billion and declining when the Democrats took Congress in 2006.  It has more than quadrupled in the 3 1/2 years since and there’s no end in sight

Unemployment has been over 8% for a year-and-a-half and over 9% for a year

We’ve had a President unilaterally deny due process to bondholders in Chevrolet and Chrysler in favor of unions that contributed to his Presidential campaign heavily

We’ve had the federal government seize control of Chevrolet and Chrysler, guarantee their debt with taxpayer money, and launch a government-sponsored regulatory attack on Toyota

We have an avowed gay activist who was proud to reassure a sixteen year old boy that his sexual encounter with a stranger in a bus station was nothing to be ashamed of as our “Safe Schools Czar”

We had an avowed Marxist who had published works condemning America as our “Green Energy Czar”

We have an Energy and Environmental Czar who worked for Socialist International and destroyed documents subpoenaed by a US court in an investigation of her agency in a previous administration

We’ve ignored most of Western Europe’s history with this country as our most reliable allies, especially Great Britain, while warming to despotic regimes in Cuba and Venezuela

We’ve engaged in negotiations with a terrorist organization, Hamas, while distancing ourselves from our staunchest longtime ally in the Middle East, Israel

We have a US Attorney General who has refused to prosecute militants intimidating voters at the polls and evidence that the Department of Justice has been directed to protect only certain Americans’ rights

We’ve had a plan enacted that will likely result in over 50% of health insurance beneficiaries having to drop their private, employer-based insurance and forced into a government-run health system after months of promises to the contrary

We’ve seen busloads of union and Democratic activists receive police escorts to terrorize fellow Americans in their own homes because of their chosen profession

The US Attorney General has sued a state for codifying federal law into state law in order to do the Federal government’s job protecting its people and their property while ignoring cities that are in open and direct contravention of federal immigration law

We’ve seen the biggest environmental disaster in history go largely ignored for eight weeks by this Administration and absolutist policies by a far-left, radical EPA add billions of dollars in costs to the disaster with unrealistic regulations and bureaucratic wrangling

We’ve seen the President of the United States and his Democratic Congress excoriate a co-equal branch of the government, the Judiciary, for a judicial decision the Administration disagreed with, in front of Congress, the nation, and the world

We’ve seen the war in Iraq ignored to the point of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

We’ve seen our armed forces’ hands tied in Afghanistan to the point that they are to “avoid the enemy” rather than risk confronting it

We’ve seen the Democratic Party mount a coordinated attack with its friends in the press to demonize and slander 1/3 of Americans as racist or extremists because a Democratic Congress feared their message of smaller government, restrained spending and deficits, and liberty

We’ve seen members of Congress accuse political opponents of hurling racist epithets when hundreds of microphones and cameras and dozens of hostile reporters put the lie to those accusations

We’ve seen the President of the United States call police involved in a case “stupid” with no more evidence than the fact the incident involved an acquaintance of his

We’ve seen the President of the United States vacation instead of visiting Arlington National Cemetery on Veteran’s Day

We’ve seen the President of the United States refuse to take responsibility for the results of his words and deeds and instead point the finger of blame in every direction

We’ve seen the President of the United States publicly pander and coddle every manner of despot while denigrating American achievement and leadership in the world and humiliating our most trusted allies

We’ve seen the Vice President of the United States publicly claim that America is in decline and our best days are behind us

We’ve seen an Administration unwilling, even openly hostile, to any and all questions about its conduct—even from a fawning press

We’ve seen an Administration flaunt laws intended to protect the public by meeting with lobbyists in coffee shops and using personal emails

We’ve seen Republicans in the Senate concerned enough to send a letter of inquiry to the Administration about a reported plan to use an Executive Order to bypass Congress and award citizenship to illegal immigrants by fiat

We’ve seen an Administration project weakness abroad and bully its constituents at home

We’ve seen an Administration run by those who said “the surge” would not work—it did—and the “stimulus” would—it did not—basing their judgment, involving the very lives of America’s best young men and women, solely on political considerations

We’ve seen a shadow government in the form of the EPA emerge, filled with far left radicals, just as the Administration, using their taxpayer-funded agency to further their personal anti-business, anti-growth, and anti-private property agendas that the far left could never hope to achieve politically/democratically

We’ve seen a fawning press give cover to this Administration for every major issue it has mishandled, from the disaster in Nashville to the debacle in the Gulf to the devastation of the Rio Grande

After the Town Hall Revolt took hold and Americans started asking hard questions of their representatives, we’ve seen many contrived Town Hall meetings controlled by union thugs who assaulted those who raised questions and saw those Americans who suffered those assaults denied justice by partisan local officials including two young Republicans beaten and bloodied in New Orleans by radical Democrats with no mention of the story nationally–while the press dutifully reported Democratic talking points that the very existence of the Tea Party might incite violence in law-abiding citizens whose only crime was disagreeing with this administration’s policies

Just about every form of deception, obfuscation, and misdirection, as well as intimidation, disinformation and persecution, have been employed by this Administration and its accomplice, the liberal-controlled press.  It is by far the most corrupt, intimidating, and partisan Administration I’ve seen in my lifetime, and the press is complicit in its silence.  The Administration and its accomplice, the press, openly attack groups and individuals opposed to the Administration’s policies.  The Administration bullies those it can and tries to destroy those it can’t.  It cajoles despots while using thumb-screws on our most reliable allies.  No one in this Administration has any concept of what it means to be President of the United States or even an American.  They’re all petty, partisan, narcissistic leftists–bent on not rebuilding America, but destroying it in order to replace it with something they’ve convinced themselves is better.  They hate the power, the wealth, and the influence America has in the world, and are embarrassed by our leadership.

The Founders were brilliant–to a man they were geniuses far more intelligent and gifted than the dilettantes in Washington, DC, today—in fact, in comparison, they were demigods.  Yet these socialistic, hubristic dilettantes think they know better than those who created the freest, most prosperous, and most powerful country on the face of the earth.  It sickens me–and most Americans.

I am a conservative because I believe the government exists to serve the people–not that the people exist to serve the government.

I believe that America’s government agencies should look to encouraging American initiative and ambition, not trying to stifle them–they are traits that made America the most powerful, wealthy, and influential country in the world a scant 150 years after its founding

I believe that American exceptionalism is real and that America’s founding has inspired the greatest growth of personal freedom and liberty around the globe in history

I believe that the United States government must be held to the highest standard when applying the rule of law and that when it circumvents the law, it weakens not only our laws, but the peoples’ respect for and confidence in the law

I believe that the President of the United States is a servant to the people and it is his job to protect Americans from threats–not threaten them

I believe that regulation is another name for corruption and that all regulation invariably gives government the power to pick and choose who wins and who loses in an industry

I believe that the United States has the most diverse and qualified population in the world and that if a business fails, no matter how big, there will be more efficient and better-run businesses fully capable of filling any vacuum

I believe that protecting the environment is the duty of every American, but that the environment has become a weapon used by the left to dispossess Americans of freedom, liberty, and property

I believe that America has the capacity to produce all the energy she needs, but that innovation must be accompanied by development of current technologies and resources

I believe that private property is inviolate and that a landowner has a right to conduct any business he sees fit on his property as long as his activities do not threaten the real property of others

I believe that public sector unions create a sense of entitlement in civil servants that are often in conflict with their responsibility to serve the people

I believe that those who claim that our system has failed mean only to usurp that “failed” system

I believe that those who speak of sacrifice only seek it from others

I believe that those who claim to speak for “the poor and downtrodden” intend to make those they speak to the “poor and downtrodden”

I believe those who speak of a racist America are racists themselves in search of a good excuse

I believe in equality of opportunity for all Americans–I do not believe in guaranteed outcomes

©John Mark Williams, 2010