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True the Vote

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I don’t know if you have been keeping up with the Christian Adams story–he’s a former DOJ attorney in the Voting Rights Division and resigned over the Obama Administration’s refusal to prosecute the New Black Panthers Voting Rights case (still works for DOJ, but has been exiled to SC).  The problem runs much deeper–when the Obama Administration’s Christine Fernandez was appointed to DOJ, she, in effect, threw out enforcement of Section 8 of the Motor Voter law passed under Clinton.  That section requires that states certify to the DOJ their voting roles are “clean”–ie, checked for deaths, move-aways, and that registered voters meet legal requirements to participate in the elections.  Here’s the background by Christian Adams:

DOJ drops any enforcement of the provision that Republicans insisted on for compromise

I hope you’ve been keeping up with the “Houston Votes” issue.  First, the Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector, Leo Vasquez, announced widespread voter fraud in Harris County by an organizational offshoot of ACORN, Houston Votes, and schedules a press conference.  Days after the scheduled press conference, the Houston warehouse containing all the voting machines for Harris County burned to the ground.  Here’s a little background (short):

Houston Votes exposed-evidence destroyed

Now here is a video by a group formed in response to the widespread voter fraud they witnessed in Harris County last cycle:

True the Vote

Voter registration should be our focus now–but I think we should start recruiting people as poll watchers as well.  I truly believe that there is massive voter fraud going on–enough to steal close elections as Christine Gregoire did in WA in 2004 and Franken in MN in 2008 (remember the boxes of “found” ballots that kept appearing until they finally won by a couple of hundred votes?  King County was later fined $225k for refusing an FOIA request based on a study that at least hundreds of votes cast had been illegal.  The county election official in charge of that operation has now moved to Los Angeles).  Also, note how this seems to go hand-in-hand with the Dems admitted scheme to get far left ideologues voted into Secretary of State offices nationwide (Project SOS).  The writing is on the wall for anyone willing to read it.  The Dems are going to pull out the stops this next cycle.  There may be voter fraud on a scale heretofore unimaginable in a country like the United States.  It’s up to us to stop it.

There is nothing more sacred than our right to vote.  And that right is destroyed when those who don’t have the legal right to vote counter our legitimate votes.  As an American, it should make your blood boil.

Please forward this information to your local Tea Party affiliate or other group.  IMO, this kind of chicanery, a breach of trust by those who perpetrate it, should bring with it prosecution and incarceration.  But we can’t prosecute it without eyes and ears to report it.


Next time somebody tries to tell you Bush and the Republicans…

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Are responsible for doubling the deficit, take a look at where the deficit was just before the Dems took over in 2007 and thereafter:

You’ll note, as I have often, that the last year Bush and the Republicans controlled Congress and the White House, the deficit had been cut in half (from $400+ billion to $187 billion) just as GWB had promised in 2004.  Then those deficit hawks, the Democrats, took over and quickly spent more than Bush and the Republicans  had in the previous 4 years and in 2009, they spent more than the last four years of Bush/Republican spending–combined.

But don’t count on anybody in the MSM worrying about this fact.  It’s all about the narrative.  Bush spent like a drunk sailor and the Dems have been perfect stewards of our hard-earned tax money.  More leftist fantasy grist for the mill…