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Next time somebody tries to tell you Bush and the Republicans…

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Are responsible for doubling the deficit, take a look at where the deficit was just before the Dems took over in 2007 and thereafter:

You’ll note, as I have often, that the last year Bush and the Republicans controlled Congress and the White House, the deficit had been cut in half (from $400+ billion to $187 billion) just as GWB had promised in 2004.  Then those deficit hawks, the Democrats, took over and quickly spent more than Bush and the Republicans  had in the previous 4 years and in 2009, they spent more than the last four years of Bush/Republican spending–combined.

But don’t count on anybody in the MSM worrying about this fact.  It’s all about the narrative.  Bush spent like a drunk sailor and the Dems have been perfect stewards of our hard-earned tax money.  More leftist fantasy grist for the mill…


Where does a liberal go when he knows he’s in above his head?

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Ask President Obama:

Bush team attempts to preserve Bush administration’s success in Iraq

Wow–for a such a “moron,” GWB’s policies, and even people, are sure being employed on a regular basis by those who held them in such contempt.  Think maybe running the country is a bit too complicated for our “Constitutional Law Professor?”  But he is getting in the much needed R&R that GWB was lambasted for on the few occasions he managed to get away.  Hypocrites much?

I’ve been saying that this President doesn’t fear elections…

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And that’s for a reason–he knows he’s going to win in 2012 whether he wins the election or not.  There is no other rationale for his radical transformation of the government–if he knew he were going to be held accountable, he’d never have moved so far so quickly.  Here’s an excellent opinion piece laying out the framework for his “takeover” of the government in 2012 from Investor’s Business Daily:

Investor’s Business Daily

Of course, this is pure conjecture and speculation.  But I have seen absolutely NOTHING from this Administration to indicate that it sees the law as anything but words on a page with no force or consequence for those inside government.  Obama is a true imperialist with a radical ideology.  To him, elections are nothing more than a dance to make the people feel they are in control.  He thinks it’s the process that’s important–the outcomes are meaningless.  And he sees the law as a tool used to maintain power–to force the people to do what they are told–not to protect them from government abuse.  Everything I’ve seen from this Administration reinforces my opinion that this is his worldview.  And, frankly–it scares the hell out of me.