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Want to really hack off a leftist radical?

Posted in General, Incompetence, Liberals, politics, Religion on August 25, 2010 by johnmwilliams

Ask him about what he’s said in the past.  This is your “Counter-terrorism Czar” John Brennan.  He has stated that a 20% recidivism rate for Guantanamo isn’t really too bad and called Jerusalem “al-Quds”–its Arabic name.  He also says that “jihad” is a legitimate tenet of Islam.  Here he’s confronted with a question that he cannot answer after presenting himself out as an expert on Islam:

How hard a question is this?  The left accuses the right of bigotry because they bring up concerns about Islam, but the left proves daily it doesn’t have a clue about it either–just general concepts that comport to their constructed reality and cast Muslims beliefs and attitudes in the left’s preconceived notions based on little more than what they wish were true.

Can we cram any more incompetents into one administration?


Why Jesus is not a liberal…

Posted in General, Religion on August 1, 2010 by johnmwilliams

I feel somewhat embarrassed that this discussion even has to be entered–anyone who would claim Jesus as a part of any earthly contrived orthodoxy shows just how little the one making the claim really knows about the tenets of His teachings and Christianity.  But since they brought it up, it can’t hurt to look at His teachings and see what His true intent was and why any kind of coercion from government or any other entity is antithetical to Christ’s teachings and Christianity.

I have studied religion, in school at Texas Christian University, and as the son of a Methodist minister.  I have searched for any hint that Jesus would be for the forced confiscation of people’s property for redistribution–to the poor or anyone else.  His exhortations relate solely to the individual and his/her relationship with God. He does indeed instruct that the rich will have problems entering the Kingdom of Heaven–but he never exhorts Rome or Herod to confiscate all the wealth in Judea and redistribute it to the poor or criticize them for not having done so. Nor does he ask that the rich give Him their money for redistribution He and/or His disciples would find acceptable. His lessons all revolve around the voluntary charity of individuals, selling what they have and helping others on a personal basis–not instituting some confiscatory scheme that would merely move the money from the pockets of the rich to some central figure or organization for redistribution. That defeats the entire purpose of His teachings and provides a coercive force no better than Rome’s. It removes any sense of obligation or morality as a human being and replaces it with a formula that homogenizes all giving and replaces an obligation to God with an obligation to the government.

These facts alone provide as much proof as is possible that Jesus did not seek to collectively confiscate individuals’ property for redistribution–but relied on the conscience and humanity of the giver to do what was right without any threat or coercion.  And this is completely antithetical to leftist/liberal doctrine.